Azure solution matches media with message in moments

SYDNEY – August 21, 2017 – Microsoft Azure is delivering the essential backbone technology for Trade Dragon – a world first fully automated independent advertising marketplace capable of dynamically ensuring advertisers reach consumers all over the world.

Instead of relying on intermediaries to broker media inventory in print publications, TV, radio, outdoor, websites and apps, Trade Dragon handles everything automatically, globally and in a matter of minutes – injecting efficiency with no sacrifice of control.

Through collaboration between systems integration Chrysiko International and represented across Asia Pacific by Max Dragon Technology, Trade Dragon  allows advertising sellers and buyers to   to buy or sell guaranteed inventory in real time on one platform. Trade Dragon takes the next step into automation, with all media channels being compliant. This strips out costs associated with intermediaries and axes delay.

Media houses across Australia and Asia are among the first organisations loading their inventory into Trade Dragon so that clients can make use of the automated service.

Josh Boys, Azure Business Lead for Microsoft Australia notes that traditionally companies which wanted to reach a target demographic in both above the line and below the line media required intermediaries who specialised in ad placement, segmentation and inventory negotiation. “The issue is that this process is very slow, can be error prone, may lead to over booking of inventory, and it is also sometimes hard to check if the ads were placed and what impact they had.

“Trade Dragon instead uses Azure and Service Fabric to create a transparent, fast, resilient platform through which buyers and sellers can connect to achieve real results.”

The Trade Dragon Platform is a complete end to end trading solution that allows users to stay ahead of market trends, empowering them to trade the way they choose.

Max Dragon Australia Commercial Director – Linda Worthington says “Trade Dragon will revolutionise the buying and selling process across Media Publishers and Media Agencies/Clients.  Fusing media and technology to provide real time capabilities and actionable data for our clients is paramount to the foundation of the Trade Dragon Platform.

Leveraging a solution built on Dynamics 365, users access the service, verifying their identity through Azure AD. Authorised users can access the platform to analyse advertising mediums  available in multiple relevant geographies and securely place orders to match the medium and the message.

Microsoft Service Fabric plays a crucial role, supporting a rich array of micro services used by the Trade Dragon and ensuring all inventory and committed media campaign data is stored in a hyper resilient, high performance, secure and scalable environment.

Born global, Trade Dragon required an international, high performing and secure platform. Azure’s global footprint strips out latency – essential for effective online advertising. Azure also ensures service reliability providing a resilient and cost effective platform for the growth trajectory predicted for Trade Dragon.

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