International Women’s Day and ‘Humans and AI’ Twitter Chat

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Join us on Twitter on March 4th at 3:00PM PT / March 5th at 10:00AM AEST to ask Dr. Denise Hardesty from CSIRO about how we can protect our oceans from plastic waste and why empowering more women to pursue careers in STEM helps us all.

Last year, the AI and Innovation team introduced Humans and AI, a new series of stories that highlight the people who make innovation matter. The series features passionate people from all walks of life who are using AI to transform our society and our world for the better.

Our next story features Microsoft AI for Earth grantee and CSIRO researcher, Dr. Denise Hardesty who is working to track and count the plastic waste in waterways around the world by analyzing videos to see how much – and what types – of waste are getting into our rivers and storm water drains. All with a goal of reducing plastic pollution. Already, there are at least 14 million tonnes of microplastic at the bottom of the ocean.

And, in honor of both CleanUp Australia Day and International Women’s Day in March, our team is hosting a #HumansAndAI #IWD Twitter Chat with Dr. Hardesty so you can get to know more about her and the team at CSIRO’s work on March 5th at 10:AM AST / March 4th at 3:00PM PT on Twitter. You can follow the chat and participate using #IWD, #HumansAndAI and #MicrosoftAI.

Join the conversation by sharing how you’re empowering women to pursue careers in STEM through mentorship or even sharing those who have been great inspiration and mentors to you! We want this conversation to be a way for everyone to find support and make connections that lead to more inspiring innovation like Dr. Denise Hardesty has in our latest story:

Visit the Microsoft Australia Twitter channel to ask your questions on March 5th at 10:00AM AST / March 4th at 3:00PM PT

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