Feature Story

Azure-based Hyper Anna makes data insights available to everyone

Imagine if software was invisible but intelligent; imagine if you could ask that software a question and get an insightful response; and imagine you could interrogate your corporate data using that invisible software without ever needing to hire a data scientist. That’s exactly what Hyper Anna did. The Sydney start … Read more »

Cloud improves ANCA’s daily grind

Considering most manufactured products on the planet, from mobile phones to aircraft, require a ‘cutting tool’ to create them, it’s surprising that few people know that the cutting tool was created on an Australian made machine. The company that Pat McCluskey and Pat Boland founded in 1974, Australian Numerical Control … Read more »

The Primary Health Network that Cloud built

Two months and ten days. This is how long Bruce Baehnisch and his team at Loddon Mallee Murray Medicare Local had between the moment they realised they were successful in winning the tender for the Murray PHN (a Primary Health Network) in Victoria, to when the organisation needed to be … Read more »

Organic passion sparks OneTable’s Azure adventure

Ben and Judith Jackson had three young children; a son and twin girls. Like many new parents they found themselves on the GP merry-go-round as the children succumbed to ear and throat infections and eczema. Eight years ago the family decided to embrace organic eating to promote better health and … Read more »

WorldSmart adopts Microsoft SQL 2016 to power smart retailing

Retail can be a cut-throat business, with fine margins and huge competitive forces at play, both at a local and international level. The retailers that secure customer loyalty, strip out costs and apply genuine intelligence to their business models are inevitably best placed to win the race. Retail technology specialist … Read more »