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Cash Converters transforms retail experience with Windows 10

Rolling out Windows 10 to 350 stores around the world and migrating its point of sale system to Microsoft Azure has streamlined the entire information ecosystem for Cash Converters and transformed the way they do business.

Cash Converters adopted Office 365 in 2012; the next step towards the cloud came with its POS deployment on Microsoft Azure. The POS system is now online in stores in Australia, the UK and the UAE.

Cash Converters CIO Glen Fee said, “When you are looking at an ecosystem where you have the same operating system on your desktop, tablet and phone, as well as running Office 365, it makes the management of IT smoother and more efficient. We’ve had extremely positive feedback from staff.”

Standardising on Windows 10 and embracing a cloud based POS also allows employees to better serve the changing needs of customers…

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