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Birds eye view of a cafe service desk using a phone as payment

Cirralto’s Spenda relies on cloud to help smooth business cashflow

The cheque’s in the mail” no longer cuts it as an excuse – but late payments still plague Australian businesses.

By some estimates as much as $77 billion worth of payments only arrive after a long wait.

Cirralto’s Spenda platform is designed to streamline the quote-to-pay process and is also designed to provide easy access to online lending to boost cash flow across supply chains.

Built on Microsoft Azure, Spenda establishes transparency across supply chains – bringing quotes, invoices and payment notices into full view. Where in the past it was quite possible for payment notices to be overlooked because they were held in a software silo in one part of the business or in a system that handled just one element of a supply chain – Spenda makes them all visible.

It also makes business reporting and analysis simpler as there is a single source of up-to-date payment information. The software is designed to support a broad range of businesses, franchise chains, distributors and manufacturers across different supply chains.

Employee working at his desktop with a Spenda user interface on screen
Cirralto’s Spenda aims to make business reporting and analysis simpler, powered through Microsoft Azure (Source: Cirralto)

ASX-listed Cirralto selected Microsoft Azure as the underlying cloud platform for its reliability, resilience, scalability and security – all key characteristics for a fintech facilitating non-bank lending and payment services through partners such as Mastercard and Fiserv.

According to, Olly Speed, Chief Technology Officer at Cirralto; “We selected Microsoft technologies for this because we knew that Azure offered us the ability to build cost-effective cloud-native services which could scale on demand, in a secure infrastructure that was underpinned by a large range of Azure services.

This gave us the confidence to know we could effectively implement our strategic technology plan for a flexible performance-driven iterative architecture approach to managing an ever-increasing growth in transaction volume.

Cirralto’s three Azure based Spenda payment services – for account-to-account, non-bank pay later, and B2B cards – are complemented by integrations to Mastercard Track BPS for e-invoicing and Mastercard Provenance, for supply chain blockchain driven non-bank lending.

Olly adds; “Our key focus is to improve the way businesses trade with each other and with their customers. Critical to this goal is removing frictions in the buy-pay cycle and improving the movement of money between businesses.

“When we began this journey we had a strong focus on creating software that provided benefits equally for both the buyer and the seller, providing a unified software system that specialised in helping businesses better collaborate and communicate with each other. Our goal was to change the way people traded by delivering and integrating real-time ordering, invoicing and payments from buyer to seller.”

Portrait image of Olly Speed
Olly Speed, Chief Technology Officer, Spenda

The company is now exploring opportunities to add on-demand lending to the Spenda ecosystem.

“Ultimately, by improving how businesses trade and get paid, our solution enables businesses to transform with fast, error-free digital efficiency which boosts cash flow by creating a network of connected businesses transacting up and down the supply chain,” adds Olly.

Cirralto’s latest version of Spenda Payment Services, which was released in October 2021, has been built on Microsoft Azure specifically to support very high sustained and peak transaction loads.

According to Olly Speed, Spenda CTO, the collaborative efforts of Spenda and Microsoft Azure engineers has led to the creation of a set of high performance, secure, cloud-native microservices using Azure serverless technology.

“This means our software processes can automatically scale out under high customer transaction load while doing so cost-effectively,” says Speed.