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Three people standing in a wheat field

Groundbreaking platform builds digital twins that help farmers maximise yields, optimise sustainability

Microsoft, CSIRO collaborate with Agronomeye to demonstrate data potential

A collaboration between Australian ag-tech startup Agronomeye, Microsoft, and Australia’s national science agency CSIRO will aim to unlock the full value of on-farm data, enabling farmers to optimise profitability and sustainability. 

Stu Adams presenting infront of a screen
Agronomeye’s Stu Adam demonstrates the AgTwin platform (Source: CSIRO)

The new platform will bring together disparate data sets to help farmers see a fuller picture of their own property, above and below the surface. 

This platform takes real-time data and puts it into the hands of farmers in a way that is easy to use and simple to interpret – so they can confidently make critical decisions, like matching their sowing timetable to soil moisture profiles or planning water catchment systems based on the natural flow patterns of their properties. 

Agronomeye is now looking to make that same capability accessible to farmers across Australia through their AgTwin platform, which delivers a detailed “Digital Foundation” of the complete farming system combined with next gen modelling capabilities and dynamic overlays.

Stu Adam, co-founder and CEO of Agronomeye, said a seachange is underway in Australian agriculture. 

The shift towards digitisation of agriculture means there is this fundamental need to digitise the farming system. There is an incredible amount of data available to farmers, but being able to integrate it, apply it directly and specifically to their own farms, and act on it, has been difficult. Agronomeye unlocks this capability in a far more engaged, practical way.

Agronomeye’s platform creates richly detailed digital twins, using high-resolution maps of farming properties and advanced modelling techniques, including predicting the flow of water across every hectare of the farm.

At CSIRO’s Boorowa Agricultural Research Station, the AgTwin platform is used to present a rich collection of data channelled through CSIRO’s Senaps platform and Microsoft Azure FarmBeats. Azure FarmBeats is a research project from Microsoft Research that has developed into a complete data integration and aggregation platform in the cloud. It brings together multiple agricultural data sets – including data sourced from in-soil and on-farm sensors, satellite imagery and drones as well as Bureau of Meteorology data, which can be analysed using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Two male people talking in a wheat field
Agronomeye’s platform enables farmers to use technology for advanced modelling, including the prediction of flowing water across every hectare of the farm (Source: CSIRO)

Lee Hickin, CTO, Microsoft ANZ said; “Agriculture is one of Australia’s primary industries that now has the opportunity to reimagine many practices thanks to access to up-to-date and reliable insights.”

AI and data combine to deliver real-time insights, visualised in an intuitive way, allowing individual farmers to use technology to develop an accurate digital twin of their farm and use that to plan what to plant, when to harvest, and how to manage the environment.

CSIRO’s state of the art Boorowa Agricultural Research Station

“Agronomeye is one of a number of Microsoft partners around the world that is bringing unique capability and expertise to the sector, leveraging Azure FarmBeats and heralding a new era of modern, resilient and sustainable digital farming.”

The platform leverages CSIRO’s deep agricultural domain knowledge and Senaps data and analytics services with AI-infused analytics and modelling, enhancing the way CSIRO’s digital research can benefit industry by providing farmers with tactical and strategic decision making insights.

According to Dr Dave Henry, Principal Research Scientist and Research Leader in Digital Agriculture for CSIRO, the integration of Agronomeye’s digital mapping and Azure FarmBeats will make it possible to observe every single part of a property and see data and insights not only about individual parts but also how they change spatially across the farm and across time.

Our experience so far with CSIRO’s agricultural research station is that we can customise, data-driven insights in a timely and easily interpreted way to help us make informed decisions.

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