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Microsoft partners with Telstra, creates secure Data Hub promoting enterprise collaboration through secure data sharing to facilitate nationwide transformation

We are at a moment in time when AI has the potential to transform every sector, every organisation. AI may be the accelerator pedal, but the fuel for transformation is data.

That’s why I’m delighted that Microsoft and Telstra are working together on a unique initiative that streamlines secure access to data from diverse, even siloed, sources and encourages deeper collaboration among organisations and across supply chains.

Rachel Bondi, Executive Bio, Microsoft Australia
Rachel Bondi, Chief Partner Officer, Microsoft Australia

Telstra’s data sharing and collaboration platform underpinned by Microsoft’s trusted and secure Azure platform creates the Telstra Data Hub, designed to accelerate digital transformation across business and government nationwide. We will Initially focus on three key areas – water use and management (the solution is being deployed to monitor water quality in Queensland’s Lower Burdekin River), agribusiness, and connected supply chain (Aldi is an early adopter).

The Telstra Data Hub tackles the challenge of securely sharing data between data producers (citizens, businesses, government bodies and IoT-enabled ‘things’) and aggregating it across sectors and value chains. This is a strong seam of value to mine and where AI is at its most powerful – identifying value chain or sector opportunities and uncovering risks early – so they can be tackled before they grow into problems.

Data sharing and analysis could help farmers boost their profitability and yields, and reduce the environmental impact by harnessing new data sources – many connected via Telstra’s growing 5G network; our national water assets could be more sustainable thanks to real time usage and pollution monitoring using IoT devices; and supply chains could be streamlined by the end-to end data concerning transport movements and utilisation.

Ad hoc data sharing between organisations might work occasionally – but it does not scale and is complex. Telstra and Microsoft are focused on the Telstra Data Hub as a repeatable and scalable solution for secure data sharing and collaboration among a diverse community (government, commercial and citizens). We will be working together with our customers to create truly transformative solutions that unlock the potential of data and create actionable insights and real benefits.

We are combining the unique elements of Telstra’s largest, fastest and most reliable mobile network and growing 5G coverage with Microsoft Azure, our Intelligent Edge capabilities and our global expertise in leveraging technology to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

It all points to empowered businesses, governments and citizens, unprecedented supply chain visibility, rich forecasting capability, traceability and the opportunity to create new products and services based on enabling an insightful and refined understanding of our environment and the market.