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NRMA helps employees return to work safely

Deploys Clearspace, a simple to use but richly featured Power Platform solution developed by Microsoft partner Barhead

To ensure that employees can return safely to work in its offices across the length and breadth of NSW, NRMA has deployed Clearspace, a Power Platform based solution developed by Microsoft partner Barhead.

NRMA has previously deployed Microsoft 365 as its core productivity platform. This established the secure cloud foundations that have allowed its personnel to work flexibly during the pandemic and beyond.

To streamline employees’ return to the office it turned to Barhead for a simple to use booking system that integrates with Microsoft 365 and allows people to book a desk or meeting room ahead of their planned return to the office. It also wanted transparency regarding the location of employees so that desk-cleaning can be scheduled and contact tracing undertaken, if required.

Clearspace, designed using Power Platform, integrates with Microsoft Teams and can also be accessed on a mobile. This multi-mode capability allows people to click on Clearspace in Teams to view a map of the office on their desktop showing vacant and occupied desks and then make a booking for a date, time and location. Once people arrive at the office they can use the Clearspace app on their mobile to check in and out.

At the NRMA Group we recognise time is precious and that providing flexibility helps people meet the challenges of work and personal commitments. We also know getting a good balance between work and home life creates a better workplace full of happier, healthier, more productive and more engaged employees. It’s about outcomes, not face time.  Alanna Azar, technology business partner at NRMA

Clearspace has been designed to support returning workers – and also deliver valuable insights to the enterprise through visual dashboards and analytics fuelled by Power BI. This reveals workplace capacity and availability across multiple offices.

At the back end Clearspace can be swiftly configured to take account of current regulations with regard to social distancing, ensuring enterprise compliance.

Doug Maloney, head of product & IP, Barhead said that the company was delighted to partner with NRMA on the continued enhancement of Clearspace, ensuring that it continues to meet the needs of employees, and is also highly agile and instantly responsive to changing regulations. “It’s been a great experience for us working so closely with NRMA.

“Clearspace has been designed to offer a simple to use solution for employees returning to the office – ensuring peace of mind that they have a safe, clean environment to work in. At the same time, it provides at-a-glance metrics to the enterprise about utilisation of facilities, bringing confidence that all the current rules and regulations are being adhered to, and peace of mind that if there is the need for contact tracing all the data is there instantly.”