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Readify leads by example with Office 365

As a globally-recognised provider of software solutions, Readify needed to live and breathe the technology they offer their clients.

To achieve this vision, Readify has consistently been at the forefront of adopting technology that will enhance collaboration, productivity, business growth and profitability.

“We wanted to be good enough to be our own case study,” says Chief Information Officer Tatham Oddie.

Readify has always been a largely virtual company (it only moved into offices four years ago). Since 2001, it has grown to a workforce of more than 200 employees working on a wide range of devices from multiple locations across Australia, making their communication needs an exciting challenge.

Readify needed one online space where all information could be stored and used. Readdit , powered by SharePoint Online, created that space. “It’s the home of everything Readify,” says Stephen Godbold, Readify’s Marketing Director.

Readify applied a strong consumer-focus to the design of Readdit. There is a site for each customer and project, and a site for employees called ‘The Way We Work’ with everything from travel to expenses information. Whether employees are looking for a customer brief or their flight itinerary, Readdit guides them to what they need quickly and easily. Readify also customised Readdit’s design with its partner Folk, to make sure wherever its employees are, they feel like they’re in Readify. “It really drove a paramount unification of the business process,” says Tatham…

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