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Dynamics 365

Turning business practices into business advantage: Australian organisations choose Dynamics 365

Technology is transforming our personal lives with apps and services that are simple and intuitive, and deliver helpful assistance to improve our lives.

In contrast the apps and services we use to drive business process are often difficult to use, try and deploy.  Some even make you pay extra for capabilities like visualisation, workflow automation and predictive insights.

It’s why we’re bringing our customers new, modern, enterprise-ready intelligent business apps with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We’ve made the rich data model that underpins Dynamics 365 much more accessible, and created tools to let you take control. Instead of having them locked up in expensive suites of CRM or ERP we’re completely busting that open.  We’re going from having these suites of software to effectively having a modular componentised role-oriented suite of business applications that organisations can tap into for their specific needs.

Because as the world becomes more digitised, customers need more automation and more business process automation, and we believe that by bringing together Dynamics 365 as this modular business process layer that can be extended for a variety of different industries is going to completely change how we think about business process automation.

And because Dynamics 365 integrates with Office 365, and leverages the power within the Microsoft stack you can create the right ecosystem for your business that is ready to scale when you are. You can leverage Azure’s artificial intelligence capabilities or Power BI, you can integrate with IoT networks and process and make sense of massive amounts of data. It’s the platform to solve your problems and boost productivity today – but also the trusted platform that lets you continually evolve.

We believe that by bringing together Dynamics 365 as this modular business process layer that can be extended for a variety of different industries is going to completely change how we think about business process automation

I had a chance to meet a number of organisations in Australia that are deploying these applications.  But more importantly to me, they’re not just deploying these applications, they’re tailoring them so that they can achieve their business outcomes.

Now KPMG is the archetypal global enterprise, with operations in 155 countries, but it also needs local solutions to meet local employee and local client needs.

When it moved into new offices in Sydney’s Barangaroo earlier this year it selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 to support its team of 5,500 communicate, collaborate and have access to 360 degree client views at any time on any device.

It’s an approach delivering unmatched productivity and elevating customer service.

There have been similarly excellent results at health insurer Bupa, where, within a month of adopting Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Azure, customer satisfaction levels rose notably.

Instead of the previously siloed information systems which made it hard to serve customers, Bupa staff have a much more detailed and complete view of the customer and powerful tools that allow them to respond effectively.

Microsoft tools such as Power Apps, Flow and Power BI, mean Dynamics 365 can be fine-tuned for your workflow, and to deliver the business intelligence that your organisation needs.

It was also an important consideration for Beyond Bank who is embracing Dynamics 365. The bank wants to deliver exceptional customer service as its differentiator.

Instead of staff having to sift through up to 15 separate tabs or screens for customer information, Dynamics brings it all together, drawing information out from the core banking platform and presenting a clean, crisp view of the customer to ensure bank staff really know who they are talking to so they can offer them the best advice and service.

And because all the bank’s processes – from opening an account to applying for a loan – are managed by Dynamics, every customer interaction is streamlined, delivering a productivity dividend for the Bank.

It’s not stopping there though. Beyond Bank is looking at using Azure’s built in intelligence to perform real-time sentiment analyses of customers across multiple touch points, including social. The combination of Dynamics 365 and Azure is already a powerful differentiator for Beyond Bank – and the fact that Microsoft offers the services out of our own Australian data centres met the bank’s security and sovereignty requirements.

That was also critical for in-home health provider Silver Chain. It’s optimised Dynamics to support mobile health care workers so they can securely access client information and care programmes anytime, anywhere – ensuring unmatched productivity. At the same time patient data is available to hospitals and GPs from the same system. If a scheduled action, such as a wound dressing or dose of medicine, isn’t delivered at the right time an alert is issued as a reminder.

Flight Centre is also using Dynamics 365 to empower its staff to deliver exceptional customer service thanks to the familiarity and simplicity of the platform. It now has a single source of information, capturing all it needs to know about the customer and how its consultants can better serve their needs.

In a different but no less important arena Sustainability Victoria, which promotes and facilitates environmental sustainability initiatives across the State, relies on Dynamics to keep staff informed and connected keeping productivity high.

The organisation’s IT team productivity is also enhanced because Microsoft manages the underlying platform, while any changes to the technology ecosystem can be made rapidly and friction-free. It’s a solution with in-built agility.

Dynamics 365 and Azure form a powerful partnership which is enhanced by the integration with Office 365 and Microsoft’s treasury of rich capabilities in artificial intelligence and business analytics. Add in the fact that organisations can rely on a single trusted supplier for all of this and you have access to unparalleled value and peace of mind.

The combination of trusted cloud services, rich functionality, anywhere, anytime access and the tools to allow the technology ecosystem to be easily adjusted is steering an organisational seachange.

This isn’t just digital transformation; it’s the foundation for the future.