Fostering positive customer relationships by leveraging the power of Dynamics 365 and Office 365

See how Microsoft is helping Moneris to modernize its business

Since 2000, Moneris Solutions Corporation (‘Moneris’) has been offering businesses industry-leading payment solutions that make doing business easy, but a legacy ticketing system was hindering support efficiency. Each time a customer service representative talked with a customer, they had to go through several screens to access data. This outdated system wasn’t well integrated with other platforms, forcing agents to constantly shift between sources to collect information. Each added click slowed the agents down, making it challenging for them to resolve customer queries efficiently at times. By partnering with Microsoft, Moneris leveraged the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to simplify, unify and expand into a fully integrated CRM solution. Today, customer service agents perform at an industry-leading pace, reducing average handle times by 4%, call volume by 10% and increasing their net promoter score into the mid 40s.

To ease the transition between systems, Moneris opted to start using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for all new support inquiries immediately following implementation, running the old system simultaneously for old tickets. Customer service agents easily migrated all key data to Dynamics 365, integrating more than 1,900 knowledge articles for convenient referencing. Plus, closer inspection indicated that 90% of old tickets were resolved in a week or less, nullifying the need to transfer old tickets to Dynamics 365. In this new system, customer service representatives serve clients more efficiently using customer alerts, case management, field work order creation, approval management, customer notifications, marketing campaigns, surveys, and social listening. Automated prompts give agents an added layer of support and help them to stay on message, acting almost like an extra member of the team.

Moneris customer service reps found that the jump between platforms was easier than expected. Familiarity with Microsoft 365 made Dynamics 365 a natural transition. Agents found the design intuitive and were able to get up to speed quickly. Additionally, the cloud-based solutions provided a deeper level of reliability and more current feature updates that filled some of the gaps left by Moneris’ old legacy system.

The results have been transformative. Reducing the burden on individual representatives has empowered the entire team to increase first call resolution by 5%, ultimately making the most of each moment spent with a customer. Now that customer service agents have the support they need to provide customers with top of the line support, Moneris has shifted its gaze to the future. Moneris plans to integrate their customer service portal into Dynamics 365, a move that would allow customers to access their own tickets. The platform would also extend its reach into the field, improving accessibility on all fronts. By leveraging the power of Dynamics 365 and Office 365, Moneris can now more effectively manage the customer experience from beginning to end while maintaining and fostering positive customer relationships.

Watch the full Moneris video on Microsoft’s Customer Stories site here.

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