Prepare for the Jobs of Tomorrow with Microsoft Tech Summit


There’s never been a more exciting time to be an IT Professional in Canada. Vancouver and Montreal are gaining global attention for bustling ‘tech hubs’ and Toronto is poised to break out as one of the world’s leading technology innovation hubs over the next four years, according to an annual survey of global tech industry leaders in KPMG International’s latest Global Technology Innovation report.

To add to it, Toronto was the fastest-growing tech-jobs market in 2017, according to a study by CBRE Group Inc, creating more jobs than the San Francisco Bay area, Seattle and Washington, D.C., combined last year.

There is no shortage of opportunity in Canada for IT Professionals, and it is amazing to see business leaders recognizing the value of digital transformation, but this is a race, and the only way we can win is with a substantial investment in talent.

The jobs of today, are not the same as the jobs for tomorrow, and according to a survey by the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) 200,000 jobs in Canada for technology professionals will go unfilled in 2020. New roles are emerging and the only way Canada will truly reap the benefits is if we take the time to evolve our skill sets – otherwise we risk watching the wave crash over us and head out to the horizon.

As IT professionals, we likely have the best understanding of how digital transformation is disrupting virtually every aspect of life as we know it. But the question is…. are you ready for it?

At Microsoft, we are committed to closing the digital skills gap and helping Canadians have access to the best of Microsoft’s training and tools. This year alone we are investing more than $2-million in programs, courses, OpenHacks and resources to help developers and data scientists update their skills and get hands-on training. As part of this commitment, we are excited to be kicking off our second annual Microsoft Tech Summit Roadshow – a national tour focused on the transformation of skills that brings over 30 technical learning opportunities including workshops, hands-on labs, lectures and networking opportunities to a city near you. The goal of this event is to arm you with the skills for the future.

At the event, you will have the opportunity to connect with your peers, and hear first-hand from companies like Home Except and T4G who have transformed their IT department, and are now capitalizing on the digital economy. With innovative approaches to new learning about how to harness AI in your organization, or how to modernize your data estate, it’s a chance to connect with experts and Microsoft partners on how you can become the IT Hero of your organization.  Here is the schedule of upcoming events and links to where you can register:

For those of you not able to join, we are proud to offer courses online through Microsoft Learn which is available today right at your fingertips – a more rewarding, hands-on learning path tailored to today’s developer and technology masterminds.

It’s an exciting time to be an IT professional; we have the opportunity to lead the digital revolution by learning skills that will help companies thrive and adapt to the rapidly transforming future.

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