The technology industry is booming in Canada. The government of Canada continues to spur local innovation by investing in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and upskilling programs. There is also an incredible landscape of local talent, academic institutions, researchers and business investments that are transacting across the country. In 2017, there were more jobs in Toronto than the tech-hubs of San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., combined. With nearly 30,000 tech positions in 2017, Toronto was 4th in the listing of top-ranked tech markets in North America.

The stakes are high, and while there are many amazing advancements across Canada, however with the pace of change and disruption, organizations need to stay on top of technology to drive their business and the Canadian economy forward.

To dig in and uncover the most noteworthy conversations happening across the industry, Microsoft is launching KEVtalks, a video series hosted by Kevin Peesker, President of Microsoft Canada. The monthly series will go behind the scenes to meet with the best and brightest minds across Canada to talk about the opportunities and challenges organizations face as they drive their business and the Canadian economy forward. The series will unlock thought-provoking topics including digital transformation, AI, cybersecurity and the importance of technical upskilling, to name just a few.

To kick off the series, Kevin sits down with leading AI expert and powerhouse Kathryn Hume, to talk about what artificial intelligence is, how businesses in Canada can benefit, as well as the importance of taking ethical approach to adoption. Kathryn is the director of business development at Borealis AI and was previously VP of product and strategy at AI-powered software platform

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