KEV talks Episode 2


Having a variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences is key to an organization’s success.  In fact, recently Harvard Business Review found that companies with a diverse workforce make up to 69 percent more in net income and revenue. Clearly, it’s not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing.

One area that often gets overlooked by organizations, but is key, is ensuring there is diversity at the very top of the house- the Board level.  Women only make up a small percentage of boards of directors in Canada. According to a recent study the proportion of women appointed to Canadian corporate boards in 2018 fell sharply to the lowest figure in five years.

In this episode of KEV talks, Kevin Peesker chats with Deborah Rosati, Founder and CEO of Women Get On Board to explore the topic of gender balance on Boards in greater detail. Get valuable insights on how leaders can help prepare female leaders and sponsor them, as well as the unique benefits women bring to Boards.

Although this discussion is happening on International Women’s Day, it is not a once-a-year priority for Microsoft. Diversity and inclusion is part of our DNA. We work hard to create environments where people of diverse backgrounds are excited to bring all of who they are. It is imperative that we continue to talk about how we close the gap on gender diversity on Boards, and more broadly how we in the tech industry can turn words into action.


 About Deborah Rosati 

Deborah is an accomplished corporate director, entrepreneur, Fellow Chartered Professional Accountant (FCPA) and certified Corporate Director (ICD.D) with more than 30 years of experience in technology, consumer, retail, cannabis, private equity and venture capital. She is the Founder & CEO of Women Get On Board. Deborah was selected as a Diversity 50 2014 candidate and was recognized in 2012 as one of WXN’s Top 100 Canada’s Most Powerful Women in the corporate director award category.



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