KEVtalks Episode 4


Today, an estimated 500,000 Canadians are blind or partially sighted. An estimated 5.59 million more have an eye disease that could cause sight loss. As the next step on the journey to enabling a more accessible Canada for all, Microsoft Canada in partnership with the CNIB announced the availability of Soundscape, an app that empowers people with low or no vision to explore the world around them through a 3D audio experience in both English and French. In this episode of KEVtalks, Kevin sits down with Jarnail Chudge, co-founder of Soundscape and Wayne Henshall of the Career Support Program and Impact Evaluation at CNIB, to explore how Soundscape is proving to be game changer by delivering a new level of awareness of a person’s surroundings – thereby increasing mobility, safety and independence of people who are blind or partially sighted. 



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