Microsoft helps Government of Canada take next step in digital transformation with Secure Cloud Services


Secure Cloud Services framework agreement for Azure will allow federal government to move sensitive data to the cloud

Microsoft is pleased to announce that it was one of the first global cloud providers to be awarded certification for Government of Canada Secure Cloud Services. This announcement marks a significant milestone for the public sector in Canada, and for the first time will enable the Government of Canada departments the opportunity to securely store, manage and process sensitive data and applications in Microsoft’s trusted Azure cloud services.

The contract will support the Canadian Government’s ambitions to streamline government processes and is a key step on the road towards a true digital Government. Leveraging Microsoft Azure for Secure Cloud Services unleashes new opportunities for public sector innovation, transformation and service agility as public servants will now have access to a range of sophisticated Azure services. In addition, government agencies will now also have more access to Microsoft’s thriving ecosystem of partners and developers who build innovative and secure solutions on the Azure cloud.

“This contract is a testament to Microsoft’s industry-leading global security infrastructure and the state-of-the-art security features delivered by Azure,” said Kevin Peesker, President, Microsoft Canada. “We are working towards one shared goal with the Government of Canada: to help transform the public sector with technology, unlocking innovation that will benefit all Canadians, while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy.”

Security operations at a global scale that work to protect our customers:

As governments continue to transform with technology and move to the cloud, they need assurances that public sector data and applications will be secure, compliant with regulations and policies and readily available. Protecting our government customers– is a responsibility we take seriously. Microsoft Azure is built to maintain the security and integrity of classified workloads while enabling fast access to sensitive, mission-critical information.

In a world where technology and security threats are diverse and ever changing, it is critical that we stay ahead and continue to evolve and innovate. To do this, Microsoft spends over $1-billion per year on cybersecurity, and has more than 3,500 full-time security professionals working with leading AI tools to analyze more than 6.5 trillion global signals each day. Specialist teams including the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center, the Digital Crimes Unit, and our Cyber Defense Operations Center also work together to analyze threats and take action to defend our customers. With these deep investments, Canadians can feel confident knowing that they have the depth and breadth of Microsoft’s security team behind them.

Continuing our Commitment:

For more than 40 years, Microsoft has prioritized bringing commercial innovation to the Canadian government. In April, Microsoft and the Government of Canada announced an agreement to make the public sector more accessible and inclusive with Office 365. This week’s announcement marks the next step in our journey together.

If you have questions about our Secure Cloud Services, or would like to inquire about how to use Microsoft Azure for your highly sensitive workloads, please contact your account team.

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