Keeping security paramount while optimizing operations with Microsoft Business Applications

By Desmond Nair, Business Applications Lead, Microsoft Canada

Over the past several months, Canadian organizations have been adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic and many responded by accelerating their digital transformation to optimize their operations, engage customers, and in some cases, change the very core of their business. This monumental shift has required business leaders to abandon the old ways of doing things and re-imagine what productivity could look like.   

 As companies transform by moving many of their products and services online, it’s more important than ever that security is top of mind and a key area of investment to ensure safety for their customers as well as their own organizationsHowever, a recent survey by Microsoft found that only 26 per cent of business decision makers said their companies have identified and applied new security solutions for online processes as part of its COVID response. cause for concern.  

With millions of people moving to remote work, and organizations adapting by migrating, and creating new digital processes to meet customer demand  means we are generating an unprecedented level of online activity which in turn has resulted in the highest number of potential targets for data breaches, online theft and fraud..  

 The cloud has been instrumental in creating a new era of cybersecurity. Because of the cloud and the advantages provided by AI, we now have sophisticated tools that help us protect against threats at a scale that would never be possible by humans alone. Integrated solutions like Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform are fast to deploy and offer data integrity and security.  

Our vision for Dynamics 365 is to bring together company and customer; patient and provider; factory and field service; citizens and government; storefront and supply chain – without silos and without limits, but with the utmost security. So, organizations can nurture ongoing relationships with their customers on one platform that brings together all kinds of interactive, highly tailored experiences and ultimately transform their business while maintaining the highest levels of security, privacy and compliance.    

 Organizations need to deliveon customer expectations even during change and uncertainty to stay relevant, but the one thing that would be worse for a business than not delivering on expectations is a breach that exposes customer data or puts your business at risk. Fraudulent activity has adapted to take advantage of the pandemic, the Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection solution ensures to protect revenue and reputation, reducing exposure. Security has always been paramount and Dynamics 365 has long been providing our customers with secure application platforms that ensure consistency, interoperability and extensibility.  

 Dynamics 365 + Power Platform in action 

 Descartes Systems Group 

As a leader in cloud-based solutions that logistics-intensive companies use to boost security, productivity, and performanceDescartes Systems Group built a global business based on the power of connection. With a global reputation to protect, Descartes developed a custom tool to support its strict compliance obligations. Descartes Visual Compliance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a solution that automatically screens transactions, as well as customer and prospect identities. When a Descartes salesperson creates a customer account on Dynamics 365, the tool runs denied/restricted party screening (DPS/RPS) workflows to automatically check if the account holder is on a restricted list that is published and maintained by governments and agencies around the world. By leveraging this D365 for Sales, Descartes continues down the path to greater insights while reducing the need for its sales team to sift through information so that it can better focus on those all-important relationships. 

 Canadian Mental Health Association Peel Dufferin branch (CMHA Peel Dufferin) 

The need for strong client relationships amplified when the global pandemic hit and remote work was mandated across industries. For the Canadian Mental Health Association Peel Dufferin branch (CMHA Peel Dufferin) this meant delivering critical services to clients whenever and wherever they were. With all but a few on-premises systems lifted to the cloud, providers were able to pivot quickly to support clients more securely and without interruption, even during a global pandemic, with Microsoft Teams. The organization also used the Crisis Communication App, a sample template in Power Apps platform, to keep staff aligned with fast-changing information. It combines Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint and Teams to manage content, with Power Apps and Power Automate, improving workflows and simplifying tasks on the back end.  

 Jijesh Devan, Dapasoft Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development, underscores the value of the low-code or no-code capability when needing to rapidly create an app. “We can collaborate on a solution very quickly,” he says. “The ability to create a rapid proof of concept with Power Apps, iterate quickly and pilot is key for success during crisis, especially in the healthcare space where speed and data security are critical.”  

CMHA Peel Dufferin also runs a Rapid Access Addition Medicine clinic, where client privacy and security are paramount. To ensure data protection, it leverages Microsoft Azure Active Directory to authenticate users, fine-tune security and lift collaboration with additional Azure services. Throughout the pandemic, the organization has never lost sight of the people who depend on them and they continue to support clients a trusted and secure way.  

With Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, we can help customers create value faster, break down data barriers and ultimately adapt to new opportunities quickly. But we can never compromise on securityIt’s more important than ever to ensure your organization maintains security best practices while we all adjust to the realities of this new world.


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