KEVtalks Episode 15: Cybersecurity Challenges in a Post-Pandemic Hyper-Digital World.


The COVID-19 pandemic has generated an unprecedented level of online activity, as millions of Canadians work and study remotely, using digital tools to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues. With this shift, it’s important to ensure we’re doing everything possible to protect ourselves against cyberthreats and attacks. A survey of Canadian businesses recently conducted for the federal government finds that more and more business owners and managers are the ones handling cybersecurity in their company, instead of investing in a dedicated IT lead or third-party security vendor. Forty-two per cent of companies say they don’t believe they are a target for a cyberattack, and there is declining diligence in keeping security software up to date and using multi-factor authentication (MFA) for access. The Microsoft Digital Defense Report shows that enabling MFA would single-handedly prevent the vast majority of successful cyberattacks. 

In this episode of KEVtalks, Kevin chats with Shawna Coxon, the Deputy Chief of Police with the Toronto, Ontario, Police Service, most known for having implemented the Service’s inaugural Computer Cyber Crime (C3) Section. They discuss how organizations can better protect themselves and prevent attacks.



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