Reimagining mobile productivity with the arrival of Surface Duo in Canada

By Kevin Peesker, President, Microsoft Canada

In October 2019, Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay introduced the Surface Duo, a category defining dual-screen device designed to help people get more done on smaller, more mobile form factors.

As a company at the forefront of category creation, Microsoft pioneered the 2-in-1 bringing together the best of tablets and laptops in the Surface Pro. Since then, we’ve launched the Surface Book, Studio, Headphones, Laptop and we’ve redefined the mixed reality category with the Microsoft HoloLens. Now, we’re breaking the mold again with an innovative 360° hinge and dual screens. Surface Duo brings together the power of Microsoft 365 experiences and the full ecosystem of Android mobile apps into one pocket-sized device, with two screens that users can take anywhere. Today, we’re announcing the arrival of Surface Duo in Canada complete with an updated user experience to usher in a new wave of productivity, functionality and creativity.

A more productive way to get things done

Whether it is how we work, play or learn, this past year has forced us all to reimagine and revaluate the technology we use and the way we get things done. Our own research shows that three out of four people report struggling to complete complex tasks while away from their computer. That’s because smartphones with a single screen aren’t designed for you to easily do multiple things at once. Constantly switching between apps to get even the most essential things done breaks focus and breaks flow. We know dual-screen devices not only help people complete complex tasks faster but also require less cognitive effort, making them universally preferred for productivity tasks.

With Surface Duo, Microsoft set out to unlock new levels of mobile productivity and reduce the need to reach for a larger screen to complete quick productivity tasks. From viewing Outlook Mail and Calendar side-by-side or seeing colleagues and the presentation simultaneously on Teams, the magic of Surface Duo is the intersection of hardware and software in the palm of a user’s hand.

As a company, we will continue to deliver purposeful innovation – pushing the boundaries of existing categories to not just move technology forward, but to move people forward. We cannot wait for Canadians to integrate Surface Duo into their lives and workflows as we begin this new journey together.


Surface Duo will be available for purchase on February 18th through the, Best Buy Canada, and authorized Surface resellers.


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