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Available in English and French from Microsoft Virtual Training Days Canada, we’re happy to announce new classes and certification exams for 2021, and we invite you to register .

Start your skilling journey or deepen your digital skills with a new lineup of classes. Invite your colleagues and managers to learn more about the variety of complementary training options offered by Microsoft Canada. This new generation of free skilling events help professionals and organizations build their capabilities and confidence using Microsoft business applications and cloud services.

Business decision-makers, IT pros, power users, and developers alike can benefit from building their digital skills with Microsoft Virtual Training Days classes. Spread the word in your organization about this opportunity.

Microsoft Virtual Training Days Spring 2021 class lineup

Fundamentals classes for everyone

  1. Azure Fundamentals
  2. Power Platform Fundamentals
  3. Azure AI Fundamentals – new!
  4. Azure Data Fundamentals – new!

Specialty classes for tech pros

  1. Security: Secure and Protect Your Organization – New!
  2. Security: Protect Sensitive Information and Manage Data Risk – New!
  3. Microsoft 365 Enable Remote Work with Microsoft Teams
  4. Microsoft 365 Building Microsoft Teams Integrations and Workflows
  5. Power Platform: App Maker – new!
  6. Dynamics 365: Activate Digital Selling – New!
  7. Dynamics 365: Build a Resilient Supply Chain – New!
  8. Azure: DevOps with GitHub – new!
  9. Azure: Migrating On-Premises Infrastructure and Data – new!
  10. Azure: Modernize .Net Apps – New!
  11. Azure: Linux OSS Database Migration – New!
  12. Azure: Implementing Hybrid Infrastructure – New!
  13. Azure: Deliver Integrated Analytics with Azure Synapse – New!

Fundamentals for everyone

Fundamentals classes provide a great way for every employee (not just IT pros) to build their skills, gain awareness and confidence with the latest technology concepts, apps, and services. These classes make it easy and free to get the most value out of the technology you use every day.

Make the most of your Microsoft subscriptions

To gain the most from your Microsoft subscriptions, it’s important that every level of your organization upgrades their digital skillset. Invite the following groups to enroll today:

  • Organizational decision-makers and influencers should take Azure AI Fundamentals and Azure Data Fundamentals
  • Power BI users should begin with Power Platform Fundamentals
  • Azure users should take Azure Fundamentals
  1. Azure Fundamentals – Master the most important cloud concepts and strategies. Unlock the world’s most transformative technologies with Azure. Enable digital transformation, collaboration, innovation, and better security within your organization.
  2. Azure AI Fundamentals – Get to know our artificial intelligence services. Learn how to create a no-code predictive model with Azure Machine Learning. Better understand the infinite possibilities created by computer vision and conversational AI.
  3. Azure Data Fundamentals – Discover the fundamentals of database design in a cloud environment. Build basic skills with Azure cloud data services. Learn how to provision relational and non-relational data offerings.
  4. Power Platform Fundamentals Discover how to drive digital innovation and automation. Connect your data and analyze your business performance. Build custom apps and automate workflows. Learn what Power Platform can do for you.

Security classes for tech pros

  1. Security: Secure and Protect Your Organization Learn about cyber threats and the latest protection, identity, and access management technologies. Identify endpoints and protect your data on managed and unmanaged devices. Discover how you can enable secure remote access to apps.
  2. Security: Protect Sensitive Information and Manage Data Risk Use Microsoft 365 to mitigate the risks of creating, storing, sharing, and using sensitive data. Identify, classify, and protect sensitive data across devices, apps, cloud services, and on-premises.

Microsoft 365 classes for tech pros

  1. Enable Remote Work with Microsoft Teams Help your organization get the most out of Microsoft Teams. Gather best practices to support remote, hybrid, and on-premises work with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.
  2. Building Microsoft Teams Integrations and Workflows Integrate Microsoft Teams on your terms. Learn how to complete several key integrations and workflows of Teams with Microsoft Identity, Microsoft Graph, SharePoint, and Office.

Power Platform classes for tech pros

  1. Power Platform: App Maker – Simplify, automate, and transform tasks and processes using Microsoft Power Platform. Learn basic data modeling, user experience design, requirements analysis, process analysis skills, and much more.

Dynamics 365 classes for tech pros

  1. Dynamics 365: Activate Digital Selling Deliver a quick and easy digital evaluation and buying customer experience, free of face-to-face engagements. Start creating multi-dimensional personalized experiences for employees and customers.
  2. Dynamics 365: Build a Resilient Supply Chain Explore the products that together provide end-to-end supply chain visibility and agility in planning, sourcing, and distribution processes so that organizations can ensure business continuity.

Azure specialty classes for tech pros

  1. Azure: Deliver Integrated Analytics with Azure Synapse Build an analytics solution with Azure Synapse. Create a data warehouse in the cloud. Accelerate your big data engineering with Spark. Automate your data integration with pipelines.
  2. 13. Azure: DevOps with GitHub Explore the tools and processes necessary to improve group communication and collaboration to set a foundation for your DevOps and CI/CD journey. Discover real world issues and the steps necessary to solve them.
  3. 14. Azure: Implementing Hybrid Infrastructure Manage on-premises technology, multi-cloud services, and edge devices. Migrate virtual and physical server workloads to Azure IaaS and manage Azure VMs running Windows Server 2019.
  4. Azure: Linux OSS Database Migration Migrate existing on-premises open-source workloads, including MySQL and PostgreSQL workloads, to Azure. Migrate app and data workloads to Azure Data Services and optimize data migration at scale.
  5. Azure: Migrating On-Premises Infrastructure and Data Migrate and optimize existing on-premises workloads and assets, from SQL Server workloads to Azure. Evaluate an existing on-premises environment in preparation for a cloud migration.
  6. Azure: Modernize .NET Apps Modernize workloads and migrate live databases to the cloud with minimal interruption. Auto scale your apps, use built-in database threat protection, and create pipelines that build and deploy solutions faster and more reliably.

Enroll today. And, tell your friends and colleagues. Classes fill up fast.

Microsoft Virtual Training Days can help you build your technical skills, which can lead you to exciting new challenges and opportunities. Empower yourself, for free, with a Fundamentals class then go from there. Visit to book your class today.

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