KEVtalks Episode 16: Building Resilience for a New World of Work


Organizations that can navigate and succeed in times of change have one thing in common – they are resilient. For many, strengthening business resilience has meant embracing technology and building digital capabilities, whether that’s leveraging the latest AI and cloud solutions, implementing collaboration tools like Teams to keep employees connected, or ensuring staff have the right training and skills to manage new digital infrastructure. However, a critical component in maintaining a truly resilient organization, lies within our most valuable asset – our people. 
As we continue to navigate Canada’s economic recovery, a safe return to work and a future of hybrid work cultures, it’s important we implement practices that enable us to come back stronger from this pandemic. Julie McCarthy, Professor of Organizational Behaviour and HR Management at the University of Toronto Scarborough, joins us for an episode of KEVtalks to discuss how organizations can help foster employee wellbeing and build more a resilient workforce for a new world of work. 

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