Developing a blueprint for culture in a hybrid world

Carolyn Byer, Head of HR, Microsoft Canada 

Culture is the blueprint that sets organizations apart— it provides guidelines, boundaries, and expectations for employees, but also acts as a primary resource for inspiration and motivation in the workplace. Culture is what brings our people together, uniting us in value, vision, and purpose.  

Data from our Work Trend Index shows that rebuilding social capital and culture for a hybrid world isn’t just nice to have — it’s critical to our ability to attract and retain talent who are engaged and want to make a difference. Culture empowers our people and our business to come together, support one another, and do impactful work. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every business has its own unique needs but establishing a blueprint for a successful organizational culture is a journey that requires consistent and relentless commitment.  

At Microsoft, we thrive in being able to create space for employees to celebrate diversity and inclusion, have difficult conversations and support one another both personally and professionally. We believe an inclusive and equitable culture doesn’t happen by accident – it is a conscious effort by every single person to recognize each other’s individuality. Our people are at the centre of everything we do and empower us to create our espoused culture, together.  

Throughout the pandemic, we continue to see rising rates of burnout and stress among people across the world and organizations as they juggle responsibilities at work and at home. Two things are clear: 

  1. Culture is the key to continued organizational success. 
  2. The pandemic has presented tremendous opportunity for organizations to put a stake in the ground and establish a set of norms around what they believe in and what kind of culture they want to foster with their employees.  

While we have come a long way, we are constantly learning and evolving our culture to embrace diversity, inclusion, and flexibility. And this is why we are releasing Microsoft Stories.  

Microsoft Stories is a library of tales told by employees, customers, and industry partners. Whether stories of success, struggle, or empowerment, these are the perspectives of the people that help define, enable, and drive culture, while challenging us to be better, and achieve more.   

Take a moment to explore, read, and learn more about the people that impact our organization.   Everyone has a story to tell and when we listen it helps us learn, celebrate milestones and refocus our efforts on areas where we can grow as a community.  

Microsoft Stories

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