Digital optimism fuels innovation in small and medium-sized business

Post by Hilary Zaborski, SMB lead – Microsoft Canada 

In light of our evolving global health crisis, business innovation and agility are unquestionably crucial these days. We must all embrace new technologies to transform the way we do business—increasing efficiencies, implementing new best practices, and laying the groundwork for the roads ahead. Many recent achievements in problem-solving and future-proofing have led to positive outcomes, which, in turn, inspire positive outlooks. Across the board, digital optimism is creating lasting change.

Small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers across Canada have grown this sense of optimism as they’ve leveraged technology to meet and exceed changing demands. According to the Government of Canada, with more than 99% of Canada’s businesses considered small or medium-sized, SMBs are the backbone of our nation’s economy. The known issues of SMBs—smaller workforces, limited resources, competing priorities—can be an everyday struggle. The additional pressures of a worldwide health emergency, for the past year and a half, certainly could have proven catastrophic. But instead, SMBs have survived and even thrived through perseverance, resilience, and smart choices in technology.

Digital adoption has certainly been accelerated from early 2020 until now, but digital transformations have been in play for quite a while longer. Shifting consumer behaviors and business trends are motivating SMBs to innovate in new and exciting ways, implementing cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of their customers and their employees.

Challenges in consumer engagement, streaming content delivery, data management, and remote work environments, just to name a few, are being met and managed. Canadian SMB’s are transforming with future-forward technology, ensuring recovery, growth, and global competitiveness across industries. They’re innovating in electrifying new ways, such as scaling digital customer engagement with Microsoft’s Azure, enabling remote work collaboration with Office 365 and Teams, empowering sales teams with improved data visualizations through Power BI, and streamlining inventory management with Dynamics 365.

Microsoft is proud to play a strong supporting role with many solutions in key areas. Together, we’re defining the future of global business, including hybrid work, resilient global supply chains, inclusive economic development, global sustainability, and cybersecurity. We’re taking the time to celebrate Canadian SMBs and the great innovators bringing powerful change to their companies; dedicated to growing their business, and by extension our economy, with a clear eye to the future. 72% of Canadian CEOs are optimistic about the year ahead and expect the global economy to grow over the next 12 months. (PWC). We’re looking forward to showcasing their accomplishments, appreciating their vision, and embracing the digital optimism they represent.


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