Real AI is shaping our future

Artificial intelligence is here, and it’s real – transforming our world in ways both seen and unseen. We experience it when we use navigation on our phones, write emails at work or when we pick TV shows on our favourite streaming service. But what is rarely seen, is the incredible work being done in Canada by organizations, non-profits and the public sector, that cultivates a better life and future for Canadians.

In 2021, we launched Real AI, a short video series in partnership with veteran technology journalist Michael Hainsworth. Our goal with Real AI was to demystify the concepts of AI and spotlight how different industries are leveraging AI and machine learning to transform and improve business. We heard from scientists, CEOs, and changemakers using advanced technology to better serve citizens, reunite families, improve our healthcare system, increase food security and combat climate change. And it’s all happening here in Canada, right now.

Watch the entire series now and hear from the people building the future today.

Episode 1: Real AI is Fighting Climate Change and Protecting the Environment in the Public Sector

Episode 2: Real AI is Powering Sustainable Farming with Terramera

Episode 3: Real AI is Enhancing Patient Care with BC Cancer

Episode 4: Real AI is Protecting our Children

Episode 5: Real AI for Financial Services: Manulife’s journey to the cloud

Episode 6: Real AI Provides Accessibility to all

Episode 7: Real AI for Sustainability with Ontario Power Generation

Episode 8: Real AI is Protecting Heritage and Preserving Language


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