Enhancing Everyday Life with AI


What began as a skeptical response to a social media post blossomed into an extraordinary friendship between Sekai Muscutt and smartARM, a Toronto-based company specializing in robotic prosthetics powered by Microsoft AI. Their work together will help transform the lives of individuals with limb differences around the world. 

In 2018, Sekai, a mother of two and beauty business owner from Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, discovered a post in her social media feed celebrating smartARM’s victory at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup competition. SmartARM’s solution, a robotic hand prosthetic that uses Microsoft Azure and AI, is surpassing the capabilities of conventional prosthetics available in the market, with the promise of being more affordable. Initially weary that the concept was “too good to be true”, Sekai reached out to the founder, Hamayal Choudhry to inquire about how much the device would cost.  

The two quickly developed a deep friendship, with a shared passion to bring affordable lifechanging technology to more people with limb differences. Sekai spent the next five years working closely with the team including smartARM’s Evan Neff, head of product, to refine and optimize its robotic powered hand, starting with her own.  

“Because of how expensive prosthetics are, I never thought this was going to happen for me – most people have to mortgage their homes to pay for advanced prosthetics. But after discovering smartARM, talking to Hamayal, learning what they stand for and the technology behind smartARM, I know so many lives are going to change because of them, including my own.” 

Sekai’s journey with smartARM has been an exciting one that she says, “feels like started yesterday.” Her journey is now a family affair, with her twin children, asking how her arm is coming along almost every day. What truly fills Sekai with excitement is the profound impact this technology will have on her life as a mom. 

“Being a mom 24/7 and running a business, those are the things that exhaust people with two arms, and I do it with one arm. I’m excited to get my smartARM and to experience how it will make my life a bit easier.” 

As a devoted mom, Sekai cherishes moments spending quality time with her kids which includes playing their favourite games on Xbox, gardening and cooking. Cooking has always held a special place in her heart as she recalls spending time learning how to cook with her mother and grandmother in Zimbabwe. “I remember being 10 years old and my mother placing a crate on the ground so I could step on it and cook alongside her. I’ve always enjoyed cooking.” 

Whether she is immersed in tending the garden or creating a new recipe in the kitchen, Sekai and her family find joy in cultivating their own vegetables and generously sharing their harvests with neighbours and local food banks. This year, her children decided to grow strawberries, which will be harvested soon and shared with many to enjoy. 

And as an entrepreneur and founder of Keeper Beauty Co. , an organic skin care and luxury self-care beauty brand, Sekai also looks forward to using her SmartARM to navigate her growing business.  

“I have been stared at my whole life so it doesn’t really bother me. But as a businesswoman in an industry where beauty narratives don’t always include everyone – my arm is a huge distraction, especially for people meeting me for the first time. I am no stranger to meetings where someone completely loses their chain of thought because I’m not who they were expecting to see. The difference with smartARM is that, now, when I walk into a room, the stares have shifted from the awkward, “oh my goodness she has one arm” to curiosity. I find people have so many questions which opens a safe space for dialogue and understanding. So not only does my SmartArm help with the day-to-day execution of my business, but it is also very much a conversation piece and I really like that.” 

With the recent public launch of smartARM and momentum towards perfecting her own, Sekai is excited about the future of possibilities for others like her living with limb differences. “I’m so excited that I get to have this, and young kids like me who don’t have access to this technology, will. Their lives are going to change.” 



Learn more about smartARM’s journey and how you can be a part of shaping the future of bionics at smartARM.ca. 

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