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Shaping the Future of Technology Enhanced Education with Bow Valley College

Microsoft was founded on the belief that people can do remarkable things when technology is in reach. One of the places where that’s most apparent is in schools and classrooms, where technology acts as a powerful connector between teachers and students with diverse learning styles and needs. Today, as we enter an incredible time of digital transformation, schools and teachers are being challenged to integrate technology into their classrooms more than ever. Classrooms are becoming spaces to engage meaningfully with the topics that will prepare students for the workforce of the future, like AI, data analytics and cybersecurity. Post-secondary institutions like Bow Valley College are reimagining the role of technology in the classroom for this new generation of students.

Bow Valley College in Calgary is one of the top 50 research colleges in Canada and offers a future-ready education to 14,000 full and part-time students across three campuses. Bow Valley College’s newly announced digital strategy seeks to improve connection and collaboration and drive inclusion both on and off campus. To help make their vision a reality, Bow Valley College recently announced a collaboration with Microsoft Canada to advance their digital transformation.

Collaborating with technology powerhouse Microsoft Canada will guide us in our pursuit to provide an exceptional experience for our students and employees, drive innovation, and attain operational excellence – Dr. Misheck Mwaba, President and CEO, Bow Valley College

Microsoft Canada and Bow Valley College already work closely to offer students and faculty opportunities to connect and learn in innovative ways. For example, Microsoft solutions like Telephony and Teams help students and teachers connect and collaborate. And high-flex classrooms on the campus leverage content camera in Microsoft Teams to enable next-level interactivity in a hybrid setting. Bow Valley College’s bold new digital transformation seeks to offer enhanced opportunities and services guided by real insights about how students and staff learn and interact with classroom technology.

We are proud to combine our expertise, knowledge and passion with Bow Valley and collaborate with them to achieve their vision and unlock new possibilities for students and faculty. Together we are setting the standard for an inclusive and accessible education that prepares students for the workplace of the future – Marc Seaman, Vice President, Education Segment at Microsoft Canada

Through this new collaboration, Microsoft Canada and Bow Valley College will combine their expertise, knowledge and passion to unlock new possibilities for students and staff. This transformation goes beyond devices in the classroom and presents a unique opportunity to think creatively about the topics that will define Canada’s economic success in the near and long terms.