“Guardians of Security” – Microsoft’s interactive exercise for cybersecurity guards

How to improve cybersecurity in an engaging and interactive way? The answer was provided by a Microsoft team that presented innovative ways to protect and enhance security in the cyber world, at a workshop called Guardians of Security. 

The game consisted of four stages, and the competitors, as security guards, were tasked with responding to unforeseen and accidental events and preventing potential damage, with the help of resources, i.e. Microsoft products and services at their disposal. 

"Guardians of Security" - Microsoft's interactive exercise for cybersecurity guards

Each team had one Microsoft instructor to guide them through the game and assist them in resolving any concerns. Teams also received equal starting positions and resourcesand were given thirty minutes to devise tactics, on how to best protect their infrastructure and data from the attack. 

The workshop brought together IT executives, Microsoft system administrators, and security departmentsWhat set this workshop apart from others was that it was essentially a game event. Through the form of a social game, participants-competitorsdivided into five teamswere tasked with testing their fundamental competencies and skills in the field of cybersecurity through simulations. 

"Guardians of Security" - Microsoft's interactive exercise for cybersecurity guards

The Guardians of Security game was originally developed in Serbia, and after its Belgrade premiere, the workshop will be organized throughout the CEE region. The home team that designed and developed the game had in mind the fact that the concept of “gamification” of training is a trend that is increasingly practiced in the world, because it deals with topics, such as cybersecurity, in an interactive and interesting way. 

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