What is Modern Government: Opinion leaders from CEE will discuss the new approach to public services at the Government Virtual Summit

Government Virtual Summit

Exponential change is happening in the world around us and within governments. Since the main goal for governments is to serve their citizens, promote well-being, influence positive societal change, and enhance their public services, they need to build a strategy to address all challenges and opportunities. As we move to the new era of public services, we observe new priorities on the agenda appearing, e. g. strengthening the economy, managing and minimizing unemployment impact on society, solidifying and protecting digital assets, and ensuring intelligent management of national data assets to improve analytic reporting and predictive capabilities drastically. It is imperative for governments to embrace this new standard, redefine strategies that will break information silos to empower government employees to prioritize issues and opportunities, and design citizen-centric services and experiences. And the right technology is key to bringing that mission into a rapidly changing, digital world.

The first digital event in the Government Industry created by Microsoft – Government Virtual Summit will open future perspectives on how digital agility can provide resilient and agile public services. Microsoft Public Sector experts Panayiotis Ioannou and Evangelos Chrysafidis will cover the importance of tech-intensity philosophy in responding to changes, perspectives for growth, and setting Modern Government foundations. They will explain how to engage and connect with citizens, modernize the government workplace, and enhance government services.

Government Virtual Summit

“Intelligent cloud and intelligent edge solutions make possible technology transformation that is unlocking new mission scenarios for government agencies that were not possible before.  They make it possible to provide consistent power to critical institutions like hospitals and schools, manage precious resources like energy, food, and water, as well as helping government improve citizen services” comments Mykhaylo Shmyelov, Microsoft National Tech Officer for 24 countries in CEE. For the audience of the Summit, he will highlight top-preferred technologies in the Government industry, among which – AI, Quantum Computing, Open Data, and Big Data.

When the whole world drastically moved online, one of the essential topics globally became cybersecurity. It was set as a priority for governments around the world, as they consider how to protect assets, systems, and networks vital to the operation and stability of a nation and the livelihood of its people. According to Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, in the last 30 days, more than 86 million devices have been encountered with various sorts of malware across the cities in most populated countries. Therefore, Microsoft Security expert Yoad Dvir will present how to enhance cybersecurity and protect critical information infrastructures that became essential to every nation’s security and economic well-being. Dr. Rytis Rainys, Director of the National Cyber Security Center Lithuania, Nebojša Jokić, the Head of CERT of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia, and Robert Kosla, Director of Department of Cybersecurity of the Ministry of the Digital Affairs of Poland, will share experiences and learnings on cybersecurity approaches.

International experience exchange will become the highlight of the event. Jānis Ziediņš, Project Manager of Culture Information Systems Centre of Latvia, will share the experience of how the Ministry of Latvia is utilizing the national chatbot platform and offering cooperation to other governments on knowledge sharing and joint development. Masha Melkova, Microsoft Modern Workplace Lead for 24 countries in CEE, will illustrate the digital transformation of the Estonian government, one of the world’s best examples of e-government. Estonia started its digital transformation journey 20 years ago, starting from changing legislation and creating our first e-solutions. “The idea is to make sure all public services involve as little bureaucracy as possible” Melkova is underlining.

At the same time, when introducing new services, the government needs to upgrade employees’ skills to keep pace with changes. Governments that are investing in improving the skills of their employees are proved to be more resilient and future-ready. Dragana Jović Tucakov, Microsoft Enterprise Marcom for 24 countries in CEE, will share useful resources that government entities can leverage already starting from now.

There is an excellent opportunity for governments and society to stay more connected than ever, despite the difficult times all of us have been going through. It is a time for learning from each other and sharing practices, experiences, and ideas. Microsoft stays committed to partnering with governments around the world and support based on local needs, bringing the best of the global practice.

Register now to join the first Microsoft Government Virtual Summit in CEE Multi-Country region, which is going to be delivered in English language. More information: https://info.microsoft.com/CE-DTGOV-WBNR-FY20-06Jun-16-GovernmentVirtualSummitCEEMultiCountryRegion-SRDEM25061_LP01Registration-ForminBody.html

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