Leading Ukrainian optometrist bolsters efficiency and empowers teams with Microsoft Office 365


With 1,700 employees and almost 200 stores nationwide, Luxoptica is a frontrunner in Ukraine’s optical retail market. The company leads the way in eyewear and optometry with the latest, high-quality products, customer-centric services, and engaging marketing. To reinforce its market position, last year, Luxoptica began its transition to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 solutions. The main motivation was to empower firstline employees with a flexible, easy-to-use solution, and drive a positive impact on internal productivity.

Throughout its 25 years, Luxoptica has built an impressive and loyal customer base. The company’s firstline teams have been the key enabler of this success. To augment its performance and gain centralized control over data and user security, the retailer has chosen an enterprise-grade cloud collaboration solution from Microsoft.

Empowering firstline employees with collaborative tools

In the past, Luxoptica’s firstline employees would use multiple applications to communicate and share files, which led to a host of problems with lengthy onboarding, sluggish business operations, data inconsistencies, and security management. “Before, we didn’t have centralized user management. If an employee were leaving a company, or a new person would arrive, managing users was becoming a nightmare,” explains Dmitry Sergienko, CIO at Luxoptica. Because of this tool proliferation, employees were wasting time on humdrum tasks, and struggled to keep business communication in sync and secure.

Everything changed when the organization rolled out Microsoft Office 365. Now, all that the firstline employees need to start working is an internet connection and a browser. This ease of setup and maintenance has considerably accelerated and streamlined business operations on the customer-facing side. “We noted a big improvement when we moved our retail network to Microsoft online solutions. They are simple, very stable, and easy to use,” Sergienko explains. “Teams also decreased the need for meeting onsite as people can collaborate remotely.”

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Driving positive change in customer interactions

Luxoptica also improved the customer experience delivered by its employees. “Before, firstline employees facing technical issues had to submit a ticket to a service desk, wait for classification and assigning a particular support specialist, and then wait for solving their problem,” Sergienko says. “Now they just write to the support Teams channel and get the problem resolved immediately. Using Microsoft Teams allowed us to improve our response time for ERP systems IT support from 20 or 30 minutes to seconds.”

Additionally, Luxoptica benefits from on-demand scalability and greater cost control. “Now, we just pay for our users, and pay as much as the stores we have in operation,” notes Sergienko. Such flexibility is substantial for a company operating in a dynamic environment, where retail outlets frequently open or move addresses.

“Office 365 is a rock-solid software solution that makes digital operations much more efficient and greatly simplifies doing business,”
Dmitry Sergienko: CIO, Luxoptica

Source: Leading Ukrainian optometrist bolsters efficiency and empowers teams with Microsoft Office 365

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