Ukraine jewelry retailer automates operations and boosts sales using Microsoft Azure

Amadeo (Pandora Ukraine) is the sole official distributor for global jewelry brand Pandora in Ukraine, with approximately 50 retail stores across the country. To curb hardware costs, the firm moved to the cloud—starting a full digital transformation journey with Microsoft Azure data services. Thanks to stock and ordering automation, the company has seen a 2 percent direct increase in sales.

With over 300 employees, Amadeo (Pandora Ukraine) delivers on the Pandora brand promise for thousands of delighted consumers every week. However, according to Eugenia But, CEO at Amadeo, the company faced a challenge. “Our on-premises servers and data storage were starting to age, and we needed to decide if we wanted to spend money replacing them or move to the cloud,” she explains.

Safer, more cost-efficient solution

“When we realized we could save at least 20 percent of our IT budget by moving to the cloud, the choice was obvious,” But recalls. “And not only have we achieved that 20 percent cost saving, we have also improved the security of our data,” she confirms. Using Microsoft cloud solutions has indeed made it easy to maintain the level of security required at the company, with the team especially keen on Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication protection.

What had started as a simple data move to the cloud to save storage costs, however, soon became much more, as local Microsoft Partner Syntegra opened up a new possibility―a way of using IT at Amadeo that could improve operations.

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Automated processes, improved decision making

As a result, Amadeo’s Commercial, Marketing, and HR departments are now speeding up and improving internal decision making by using Azure data services, including Azure Machine Learning and self-service dashboards through Microsoft Power BI. For example, Amadeo’s Commercial Department uses Power BI to create reports showing the main KPIs the team controls daily, such as the ratio of sales compared to store traffic.

“We have improved working times of our stores, as well as our stock refresh, which is one of our key KPIs as a business,” says But. “We save time, as more than 50 percent of routine operations are now automated, have optimized stock ordering by 5 percent and, best of all, after implementing Azure technology, our sales have gone up 2 percent,” she adds.

All of this is only the beginning of the company’s digital transformation. “We soon decided that we would not just transfer all our data off our five 1C applications to Azure, and asked for Syntegra’s help in automating two key processes for us—store stock replenishment and production order placement,” she says.

This is done using serverless calculations and Azure Machine Learning, she states, adding, “We are about to go deeper into the concept of dynamic assortment, where a well-trained software model will calculate not only demand from warehouse to the stores, but is also able to offer stock rotations between branches in order to speed up goods rotation and further increase sales.”

“After implementing Azure technology, our sales have gone up 2 percent.”
Eugenia But: CEO, Amadeo (Pandora Ukraine)

Source: Ukraine jewelry retailer automates operations and boosts sales using Microsoft Azure

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