Top Croatian manufacturer reinvents business processes to support vigorous growth

Top Croatian manufacturer reinvents business processes to support vigorous growth

From a small garage workshop in 1990, RASCO evolved into one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of utility equipment. The company needed to align its technology stack with its impressive pace of business development and connect all processes. So, RASCO decided to roll out Microsoft Dynamics 365, resulting in a 15 percent acceleration in sales performance, and paving the way for more expansion and innovation within a rapidly changing business environment.

RASCO started small, by manufacturing agricultural machinery. Today, it has diversified its offerings and secured a business foothold in more than 40 countries across five continents. “Our machinery is used by professionals worldwide to maintain roads, airports, and streets. We have more than 70 products in our portfolio,” says Mario Štefanec, Chief Commercial Officer at RASCO.

The company’s dynamic growth was exceeding the capabilities of its legacy CRM. So RASCO partnered with InSky Solutions to implement Dynamics 365 Sales. “Microsoft’s ease of integration made it the best and fastest fit for us, plus the system’s available features—namely its end-to-end tracking and monitoring of operations capabilities—facilitate agile strategic decision making and help us reach our performance goals,” explains Štefanec.

Reimaging business processes

“We were lacking a 360-degree view of the customer in one place. We had many different reports and tools,” notes Štefanec. Dynamics 365 Sales helped contextualize client and product insights, empowering RASCO’s sellers and distributors to drive personalized, meaningful customer engagements. “Now, all the information is just a click away,” says Štefanec. “We know what’s happening with our customers, and we can solve their problems much more efficiently,” he adds.

Connected with customer and distributor-facing portals, the solution helps streamline communication and align customer and supplier needs. These improvements have had a positive impact on the quality of manufactured goods, enabling quick identification and repair of underperforming equipment thanks to a consolidated view of the entire supply chain—leading to a sharp decrease in repair time. Additionally, by automating routine tasks, the system unlocked noticeable time savings. “We are up to 15 percent faster in making offers, taking orders, and customizing the features for our customers,” says Štefanec.

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Connecting field service

Field technicians enjoy a centralized view of product usage and repair history using Dynamics 365 Field Service, which enables RASCO’s service teams to track every issue, as well as predict and prevent breakdowns. “Integrated within a single system, processes run much smoother, work orders and customer inquiries are sped up; and the dispatching of field technicians is optimized,” explains Štefanec. “Data and reports are consistently being generated from all documents, notes, and customer queries that are tracked through the system. Our whole business is much more fact-driven and data-driven,” he adds.

“Now that the CRM has been implemented, we are looking at introducing new functions,” says Štefanec. And, according to Trpimir Kvesić, CEO of InSky Solutions, “We are in talks about developing a smarter, quicker, and more efficient field service. Business is changing fast, and we’re heading in the direction of AI and IoT to stay ahead of its accelerating pace.”

“Now, all the information I need is just a click away. We know what’s happening with our customers, and we can solve their problems much more efficiently.”
Mario Štefanec: Chief Commercial Officer, RASCO

Source: Top Croatian manufacturer reinvents business processes to support vigorous growth

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