Microsoft Selects NOIA Network for its FastTrack Program

Microsoft Selects NOIA Network for its FastTrack Program

Last summer, NOIA joined Microsoft’s Startup Program. Since then, our teams have worked together to design, build, and scale the network. This April, NOIA extended its participation in the program by getting additional support from Microsoft to boost network performance.

Today, we’re proud to advance our partnership further, with NOIA being selected for Microsoft’s FastTrack program.

NOIA’s addition to the FastTrack program will result in customized guidance from Azure engineers with the goal of accelerating development and deployment of the NOIA Network. This is an important milestone as the NOIA Platform is brought to market.

“Microsoft is always focused on the needs of our customers and partners. NOIA customers should be aware that they’re getting the best solutions on Azure and the Azure Marketplace. With the NOIA platform in the Azure marketplace, customers worldwide will benefit from NOIA’s next-generation technology and solutions, accessed and used in just a few clicks,” said Tibbs Pereira, Principal PM Manager, Microsoft Azure FastTrack.

Over time, the NOIA Platform is expected to be added to Microsoft’s cloud Marketplace, making it easier to connect with Microsoft’s global customer base to generate new leads and expand network capacity and market footprint.

“This program has given us close access to many Azure engineers and accelerated our development of the NOIA Platform. Microsoft has always been impressive to me, so we’re excited to take another step forward with the FastTrack program.” – Jonas Simanavicius, CTO at NOIA

The integration of multiple global cloud operators is critical to the success and user experience of the NOIA Platform, which allows large enterprises to launch and manage large networks quickly, safely, and more effectively.

We view this as another stepping stone in our long-term collaboration. NOIA has always been impressed by the speed and reliability of Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, and we’re excited to integrate our services more closely.

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