Keep holiday cooking traditions this year

Keep holiday cooking traditions this year

There’s nothing like coming together over the holidays to share a meal. Get ideas to keep cooking traditions, even if everyone’s in a different place.
Pies in the oven, perfect potato latkes, tamales the whole family assembles—they’re all parts of holiday traditions.

Collect and share your family’s favorite recipes

If your family or your friend-family aren’t getting together for the holidays this year, there’s still a way to have your sibling’s perfect cranberry sauce or your grandmother’s tamales. Easily create a shared family cookbook by collecting everyone’s favorite recipes using Collections in Microsoft Edge and OneNote. Everyone can then make their favorite dishes from the collection and enjoy the big meal together virtually using Meet Now.

Laptop with OneNote displayed on screen

Create a shared family cookbook

Collect and organize everyone’s favorite recipes in OneNote. Then easily share the cookbook with the whole family.

Create new cooking memories

Do you have a talented baker in the family who always brings your favorite pumpkin pie to dinner, but neither of you is traveling this year? Have a video call with Meet Now to connect with your loved ones and cook your favorite holiday foods virtually. You can still enjoy your family’s favorite recipes—even when you’re not at the same dinner table.

Person cooks in home kitchen while participating in a Skype call

Meet Now makes it easy to stay merry

Cook and bake together even while you’re apart. It’s easy—simply create a meeting link and share it with friends and family to have them join the call. No sign-ups or downloads required.

Make a yearbook video

Maybe you’re looking for a new recipe to try, to see if it’s worthy of making onto the official holiday menu. Find a new recipe app in the Microsoft Store online, or search up new recipes using Bing. Save whatever whets your appetite to a Collection in Microsoft Edge. This new browser feature makes easy to organize and reference all the recipes you’ve collected.

Laptop computer showing Microsoft Edge browser on screen

Organize your internet recipes

Collect and save recipes you find online in a Collection in Microsoft Edge. Create a collection for every holiday, meal, type of food or more.

Create a personalized menu

Sometimes making a meal feel extra special has nothing to do with the food at all. A simple yet effective way to bring a special touch to your holiday meal is to create a custom menu. Start with a template in Microsoft Word, add personal touches, and display with pride on your table.

Thanksgiving menu template and food

Customize your dinner menu

Make a keepsake menu using Microsoft Word to create a new tradition and elevate your meal so it feels extra special.

If your extended family or friends aren’t getting together this holiday season, find ways to use technology to bridge the gap with those you love, near and far. From across town to across the country or world, you can still share and enjoy your holiday cooking traditions together.

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