Ukraine’s Naftogaz powers up collaboration and security with Microsoft 365

Ukraine’s Naftogaz powers up collaboration and security with Microsoft 365

Founded in 1998, Naftogaz is Ukraine’s largest vertically integrated energy company. On a drive to streamline and unify communication channels, the oil and gas major implemented Microsoft 365 as a solution. The shift to cloud technology took several steps, with careful analysis of risks and outcomes before finally being implemented. Today, the company has greater workplace mobility and advanced cloud security supporting its operations.

Naftogaz is engaged in a full cycle of operations in gas and oil field exploration and development, production and exploratory drilling, gas and oil transport and storage, supply of natural gas to consumers. In 2020 Naftogaz produced 14.23 bn m3 of natural gas having over 70% of total Ukraine’s volume.

“We needed to increase our efficiency and improve our scalability, communication, and workforce mobility,” begins Marina Kvashnina, Chief Information Officer at Naftogaz. “We were using a number of different, outdated tools for communication and file sharing. Now, best global practices are implemented in Naftogaz thanks to Microsoft 365.”

Prioritizing security

Security was paramount given the massive volume of proprietary, sensitive data. Together with technology partner Span, Naftogaz’s security team ironed out the details of the cloud migration. “Microsoft had shown they had expertise in the oil and gas industry. Therefore, they could offer specific security solutions connected with our constraints, goals, and IT strategy”, says Marina Kvashnina.

New capabilities at a critical time

The results of working with Microsoft 365 paid off when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. “We were prepared with effective tools for business continuity. Employees could collaborate and communicate seamlessly and access information from anywhere. Above all, these capabilities were protected by advanced security,” highlights Kvashnina. Microsoft Teams was a particularly powerful enabler for protected streamlined cooperation. Every month, Naftogaz employees now hold more than 1,500 Teams meetings and make 3,500 Teams audio calls. Moreover, 1,300 employees use Microsoft 365 for daily operations, with the communication protected by Microsoft 365 services.

Source: Microsoft Customer Story-Ukraine’s Naftogaz powers up collaboration and security with Microsoft 365

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