Microsoft Serbia to collaborate with the Government and The Ministry of Health in the field of digital transformation and business process optimization of healthcare

Microsoft Serbia to collaborate with the Government and The Ministry of Health in the field of digital transformation and business process optimization of healthcare

The Government and The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia agreed on collaboration with Microsoft Serbia in the field of the digital transformation and business process optimization of healthcare. The cooperation will explore possibilities for the Ministry to adopt new technologies and introduce innovations with the goal to improve healthcare analytics and prevention, as well as biomedicine and genomics.  

Technology today makes a powerful tool for healthcare institutions, enabling them to deliver better healthcare more securely. Technology solutions are used to compile and analyze large amounts of data and to generate valuable insights that could enhance healthcare procedures and facilitate the decision-making process for the medical staff. Providing accurate health information at the right time by putting people in the center and helping ensure data compliance, confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility accentuates technology as one of the most potent tools that the health sector can take advantage of.

The Republic of Serbia continues rapid progress in digital transformation across all sectors, with a particular focus on healthcare. The Digital Health strategy 2022-26 that Serbia is now finalizing envisions a healthier future for our citizens, more efficient healthcare, and data-driven decision-making, supported by the innovative application of technology. Therefore, I welcome this cooperation with Microsoft Serbia with the potential to contribute to reaching our strategic vision while encouraging innovation and growth,” commented Ana Brnabić, The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia.

“Healthcare industry is going through the digital transformation process that will enable better services to both doctors and patients. With this cooperation, we want to support the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Ministry of Health, and all health institutions as a trusted advisor in this process, especially because Serbian doctors have already proven their expertise and skills by using innovative technologies, such as mixed reality and Microsoft HoloLens. Our technology will contribute to increasing the level of healthcare in Serbia and spark digital innovation,” said Milan Gospić, Microsoft Serbia Country Manager.

In the age of pandemics, technology helps medical workers provide safe clinical treatment to their patients while maintaining the highest possible level of service. Mixed reality technology can be used to enable medical practitioners to provide safe and remote medical care. Both parties are discussing the possibilities of integrating mixed reality technologies, such as HoloLens 2, with medical records of patients, databases of radiology/MR/CT images, and using speech-to-text to enhance patients’ diagnostics and therapy.
Some other scenarios are also being developed, like remote medical treatment, remote collaboration between doctors, as well as exploring other fields of cooperation as the use of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and visualization, sharing worldwide best practices, and promoting innovation in the healthcare sector by partnering with local companies.
The University Hospital Center “Dr Dragiša Mišović” already uses HoloLens in daily operations, achieving significant results in medical staff engagement and collaboration. As pandemic situation limits practical work for students, HoloLens also enables them to participate in all practical exercises remotely. Microsoft Serbia supports the hospital’s work, and together they are exploring further use cases of HoloLens integration.

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