From Istanbul to Belgrade: how a young software engineer started her journey at Microsoft Serbia

From Istanbul to Belgrade: how a young software engineer started her journey at MDCS

Meet Seda, a young software engineer from Turkey who decided to move from her home country and work at Microsoft Development Center Serbia (MDCS). Seda has always liked science subjects, and that’s why she enrolled at the Faculty of Math and Computer Science in Istanbul. She started learning programming and quickly realized that was what she wanted to focus on. In December 2019, she moved to Belgrade and started her journey at MDCS.

Seda, what inspired you to start a career in software engineering? What was your career path like?

I’m not sure when exactly this happened, but I have always loved science and math. I had a great physics professor in elementary school who taught me how to combine knowledge from different subjects that I liked – math, geometry, physics, and science. Even though these are different subjects, I realized that combining knowledge is like a puzzle, and you need to put pieces together.

Later, I enrolled at the University of Math and Computer Science in Istanbul and quickly learned a lot about software engineering. When we started learning programming languages, I could immediately see the outcomes of my work and that really impressed me and gave me additional motivation to pursue this career path.

When did you move to Belgrade and what was your first impression of the city?

I moved to Belgrade in December 2019. Even though it was cold and snowy, my first impression was that Belgrade has lots of trees and beautiful parks. Apart from the greenery, it is also very historical and always alive. I’m really enjoying my time here.

What’s it like to work at MDCS? What is that one favorite thing about MDCS that you would highlight?

Well, I’ve been at MDCS for two years now, and one thing that I would certainly highlight is the friendly environment and willingness to help. People are very open, and you can ask anybody for help. We have great mentorship programs, but even if you don’t have a mentor, there’s always going to be someone to help you out. That culture is very important for our new hires. With the big growth that we’ve been having, it’s a crucial thing for anybody who joins MDCS.

Another thing that I love here is that people are very confident and innovative.

What is your team in MDCS?

I’m in Azure Synapse Analytics, and we work on some groundbreaking technologies. MDCS has a significant role in multiple important Microsoft products. So, being a software developer, it is a great experience to work on these products. Also, you’re connected with everyone in Microsoft, no matter which country they come from. We are currently hiring, and I would certainly invite everyone to check out our open positions and join us in shaping the technology of the future.

What message would you send to international candidates that are considering moving to Belgrade and working at MDCS?

This is a lifetime experience. You won’t just grow professionally, but personally as well. Give it a chance, it can be a turning point for you. Considering the great relocation bonus, help with the move and finding the apartment, and on top of that, the knowledge and experience that you can get by working with leading experts in software engineering, it’s certainly a great decision that you can make.

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