AutoZubak increases employee productivity and user experience through automated processes

AutoZubak increases employee productivity and user experience through automated processes

Movens fleet management service is an innovative solution of AutoZubak – a leading motor vehicles sale and maintenance company. AutoZubak Movens is responsible for selling, renting, and maintaining cars nationwide through a network of its eight branches. By implementing solutions for automated bid creation, price calculation, contract creation and monitoring the use of contract services via Power Platform and Dynamics 365 solutions, AutoZubak has upgraded its sales and after-sales processes within the Movens service. This way, sales work processes are shortened from days to minutes, a comprehensive rental management portal for customers is launched, and at the same time greater employee engagement is achieved.

Specializing in commercial fleet leasing, AutoZubak Movens has seven dealerships across Croatia handling car sales and after-sales services for the Zubak Group, a leading vehicle management business in the county. The need has emerged to equip sales managers with tools that would enable them to serve customers faster. It was clear that to provide better value to their customers, it is necessary to renew established business processes through automation.

Removing choke points to optimize sales processes

For 15 years, only a few sales persons from every branch could calculate the fleet lease rate, and the process could take up to three days. “All the prices of cars, services, roadside assistance and insurance have generated a lot of administrative work,” explains Dario Stipanović, Regional Director of Sales at Zubak Grupa. “Clients expect a proposal as soon as possible, and if it takes days, they can just go to other suppliers.”

The salesforce knew it had to digitize its systems to serve its clients better. Because it already had experience using Microsoft applications like Teams, it welcomed the further digital transformation with other Microsoft tools. Movens automated its workflow using Power Platform, reducing processing times. Account executives can now just enter the various costs into the application to get the lease rate. “With Power Platform, our sellers can now configure customer requests and generate a lease quote in just few minutes,” says Stipanović.

The automated quoting process was also complemented with Dynamics 365 as the CRM, so that all account executives can now drive sales. “Before Dynamics 365, only about ten employees were actively selling. Now, all 40 are engaged. We are talking to about 200 clients at the moment,” Stipanović highlights. He adds, “The management’s job is to check their progress by referring to the data on Dynamics 365, and to make the task faster and simpler for them.”

The central system of the public sector in Croatia (FINA) is now integrated with this new system. “We can now screen potential customers, delegate leads, and track sales progress from a centralized location,” shares Stipanović. “With a 360-degree view of our sales activities, we can now ask ourselves more important questions that we’ve never asked before.”

Innovating for smooth client communication

Given the favourable results of its digital transformation, AutoZubak Movens is keen on offering a second-to-none service to its existing customers: the first Croatian lease management customer portal. “We can show our clients data about their fleets and give recommendations by incorporating Power BI dashboards,” reveals Stipanović. “They can even make requests from the portal. It’s a brand-new form of service in Croatia.”

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