Microsoft leadership in Baltics – Vaida Sapole is the new Country Manager for Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

Microsoft leadership in Baltics – Vaida Sapole is the new Country Manager for Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

Microsoft has announced Vaida Sapole as the new Country Manager for Microsoft Baltics, including Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Vaida takes over the position after Renate Stradzina moved to the new role within Microsoft as the Director for Industry Digital Strategy in Central and Eastern Europe.

In her new role, Vaida Sapole will be driving Microsoft’s strategy to support and accelerate digital transformation of businesses, the public sector, and societies, focusing on cooperation with Baltic companies and Governments while implementing the latest business solutions.

Vaida Sapole is born in Lithuania. She holds a master’s degree in Finance Management and brings more than 20 years of experience in business development, finance, and management, gained through different roles in international companies.

“Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have a strong focus on digitalization, so it is even more inspiring for me to join the Microsoft team driving digital transformation in this region. The bar is set high, but the potential for innovation and new solutions is immense. I believe that, together with Baltic partners, companies, and organizations, we’ll implement many successful projects and create value for society through digital transformation,” commented Vaida Sapole, Country manager for Microsoft Baltics.

With Sapole as a leader, Microsoft Baltics will continue its endeavors to offer equal possibilities for everyone to gain digital skills by continuing the Baltic Digital Skills Development Program as the Virtual Internship Program. The program helps participants apply newly gained skills and test their knowledge in a real work environment.

A deeper level of digital literacy is in correlation with better quality of life and better productivity. Therefore, Microsoft wanted to provide an equal opportunity for everyone to become digitally skilled citizens through this program. More digitally advanced countries are proven to be greener, wealthier, more innovative, and more competitive.

Microsoft continues to support society on this journey.

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