Azure Cognitive Services support Serbian

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Azure Cognitive Services – Azure Speech-to-Text (STT) and Azure Translator – are now available in the Serbian language, with new algorithms that enable the optimization of language and speech models on a large scale. Azure Translator translates text, and Speech to text is a function within the “speech” service that translates sound into text very quickly and accurately. This means that Azure Cognitive Services can now convert sentences spoken in Serbian into text and write them down, and the possibility can be tested via a link.

“The usage is almost unlimited, from health organizations, the judicial system, to the police forces and all those for whom dictation instead of typing will make things easier. It’s great when the computer starts to understand speech, thus increasing the comfort and speed of users’ interactions. For example, doctors will save time by using this service instead of typing and be able to dedicate themselves entirely to the patient,” said Marko Marjanović, digital architect in Microsoft Serbia.

Azure Cognitive Services support Serbian

Support for the local language is one of the key requirements for implementing innovations and the continuation of general digitalization.

“The Serbian language is one of the world’s service languages, which will allow developers and companies to create various innovative applications, products, and services or upgrade existing services, using Azure Cognitive Services, a rich set of powerful pre-built and customizable APIs*,” said Milan Gospić, Director of Microsoft Serbia and added that it is intended for all organizations because it improves business efficiency, from writing e-mails to meeting minutes.

Azure Cognitive Services are cloud-based artificial intelligence services that help users incorporate cognitive intelligence into their applications. They allow developers to build custom translation models or use pre-made models that can be modified. This is an excellent example of how advances in artificial intelligence make information, products, and services accessible beyond all boundaries, to every person and every organization.

The local Microsoft Development Center in Serbia is proud to have a team working on the development of two services within the Azure Data services portfolio. The team also provides support in case of downtime, i.e., it manages key Azure Data services and sets trends for Azure Data solutions.

Microsoft remains committed to its mission to empower everyone in the world to achieve more.

*Application Programming Interface

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