IT solutions company keeps its business growing with up-skilling programs and Azure-based offerings

IT solutions company keeps its business growing with up-skilling programs and Azure-based offerings

Established in 1993 in Zagreb, Croatia, Span is an IT solutions company that helps power up the global presence of businesses of all sizes around the world. Span supports its customers in their digital transformations, paving the way for a successful digital future. The company has built a strategic partnership with Microsoft over 30 years, enabling Span to help customers get the most out of digital technology and tools. Aside from offering Azure-based cloud and security services, Span also provides customers with 24/7 support and service management as well as employee up-skilling programs.


With a team of 600 people, nine offices on six continents, and more than 1,500 customers, Span is an IT solutions provider and consultancy that builds cloud, security, and support services for big and small companies alike. In 1996, Span became the first Microsoft Certified Solution Provider in Croatia. Its latest achievement was winning Microsoft Partner of the Year in Croatia in 2021. To date, the company has achieved 17 Gold competencies, and is an official Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

“From the very beginning, our engineering teams recognized Microsoft as one of the best possible providers and partners,” shares Denis Tomić, Customer Success Manager at Span. “It has great market penetration, it’s a very well-known and trusted technology provider, and it offers numerous solutions that our customers need for increased productivity, faster time to market, and better security. There’s a natural relationship between us and we feel that we’re growing together.”

To continuously provide the best possible service, Span enrolled in the Microsoft Enterprise Skilling Initiative (ESI), where its employees and outside parties can both train others in and obtain Microsoft certifications. Up-skilling is an essential aspect of what Span offers, so that its people are always up to date with the latest technologies. This helps them provide cutting-edge advice to customers on how they can get the most out of their newly acquired services and solutions.

“With eleven Microsoft Advanced Specializations and 1,314 Microsoft certificates so far, the program will continue indefinitely. We want to ensure our team is highly qualified and sets the bar high,” says Mihaela Trbojević, Product Marketing Director at Span. “It’s essential for us to be able to offer our customers the know-how they need to build a successful digital presence and keep their technologies up to date.”

Streamlining the cloud adoption processes

For each of its customers, Span first identifies all the pain points and needs. It then analyzes and correlates the relevant information before coming up with possible solutions. “Our aim is to become a long-standing partner to our customers – not just to sell them one-off IT solutions. We are pleased that the large majority of our customers choose to continue working with us by using our support services,” shares Trbojević with pride.

“We cover both technology implementation and support services,” Tomić adds. “With Azure, we are able to map out the technology that can support our customer’s need for faster time to market, better security, and increased resilience, scalability, and availability.”

Span utilizes a Microsoft-inspired implementation methodology for most of its projects. For example, one of its customers—a global restaurant chain—wanted to scale its business but its existing IT infrastructure was not able to support the change. Span helped the company execute the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and accelerated the cloud migration.

“The restaurant chain now has a flexible, scalable, secure, and reliable IT environment built on Azure. It is now able to focus on building its services, meeting its business demands, and improving its time to market,” explains Tomić.

Span is available on Microsoft Marketplace and AppSource, helping it reach more customers around the world in up to 141 countries.

Looking ahead, the company plans to continue with its growth strategy. “Our plan is to continue gaining deep knowledge and experience in all Azure cloud, cybersecurity and cloud security areas. Next year, we hope to become an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider, and so consolidate the trust our customers have in us by providing software services and hosted applications to end customers,” concludes Trbojević.

Source: Microsoft Customer Story-IT solutions company keeps its business growing with up-skilling programs and Azure-based offerings

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