Free Microsoft Virtual Training Days courses facilitate certificate acquirement

Free Microsoft Virtual Training Days courses facilitate certificate acquirement

Due to the rapid rate of technological change, the average life of a skill today is less than five years, making continuous workforce training even more critical. If businesses want to stay competitive, they need the right technology. It isn’t enough just to use technology in its original form; companies are now developing new capabilities from available technology. This puts extra pressure on IT professionals, as every process of digitalization starts with the IT team working on it. With technology’s rapid development, it’s not easy to keep track of all the news and improvements, so IT professionals constantly need to upgrade their knowledge and improve their skill sets. Microsoft offers free training and preparation for certification for IT pros to fuel their careers.

Benefits for IT pros to upskill

For tech professionals, whether they manage, sell, or code, their careers benefit significantly when they upgrade their digital skills, for example, in job search and getting their resume on top of the pile. 60% of IT hiring managers stated that applications with IT certifications are significantly more likely to be reviewed. Impressive 56% of candidates who earned IT certifications increased their chances of advancing and being promoted in their current roles by acquiring new skills and knowledge. Adding a Microsoft Certification to the resume can make IT experts stand out and give them the edge they need to get their next job or even a new career. Another benefit is a potential paycheck increase: about 28% of technical professionals say getting certified has led to salary or wage increases, and 21% report job promotions. What’s more, certified IT professionals get promoted more than 50% faster than noncertified IT professionals. Tech certifications increase the rate of promotions, and over time, this adds up to big dividends for the career. If upgrading digital skills with Microsoft, the IT pros also get recognition from an industry leader. Businesses rely on Microsoft technologies and services to keep mission-critical applications and processes up and running. In fact, more than half of IT decision-makers worldwide say they expect their organization to invest in Microsoft technology. That means there is a high demand for professionals skilled in Microsoft technologies, and a Microsoft Certification validates IT professionals’ ability to perform in a modern digital business.

Upcoming Microsoft Virtual Training Days

Microsoft Virtual Training Days offer free classes for everyone. Fundamentals classes for beginners cover foundational concepts, terms, and capabilities, while technical courses provide a journey to certification for advanced users. In the upcoming months, IT pros may discover their potential and maximize their time with accelerated virtual event offerings covering a range of technical topics for Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Business Applications (Dynamics 365 and Power Platform), and Security.

Microsoft Azure

Virtual training events on Microsoft Azure provide knowledge on how to get the most from Azure. All interested candidates can choose from a range of skill levels and course topics, such as understanding cloud fundamentals and the Azure cloud platform, developing Cloud native apps, migrating to the cloud, modernizing web apps, and building data warehouses. These courses will prepare you for the Microsoft AI Fundamentals certification exam, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification, or Microsoft Data Fundamentals certification exam. After the training, access to the exam is free.

Microsoft Security

Digital transformation describes the move from on-premises to cloud-based digital operations. For most companies, this is a significant change on many different levels. With security being a top concern for companies, staying on top of today’s fast-moving landscape and protecting sensitive data wherever it lives or travels is key. Microsoft Security Virtual Training Day events can help IT experts gain the technical skills and knowledge needed to enable employees to work securely and work from anywhere and harness powerful Microsoft security capabilities to keep their company’s information and remote access secure and protected against threats. The training will prepare enrolled people for Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals exam.

Free Microsoft Virtual Training Days courses facilitate certificate acquirement

Microsoft Business Applications | Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Virtual Training Days provide knowledge for creating a comprehensive business platform that goes beyond customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). For example, on Power Platform Fundamentals, all interested participants can learn how to connect the data to analyze real-time business performance, act on data and insights with custom-built apps, and automate workflows. Dynamics 365 CRM Fundamentals teaches how to connect customer data, streamline business processes, and help you better manage your client relationships. Dynamics 365 Manage Finance & Operations provides info on how to enhance decision-making to help protect revenue, mitigate risks, and reduce costs. Also, available training about Power Platform Rapidly Building Apps or Automate Business Processes training to optimize your workflows with Microsoft AI Builder and Power Automate.

Microsoft 365

The virtual events can prepare all enrolled candidates with the technical skills and tools needed to harness Microsoft 365’s capabilities to enable remote collaboration and build integrations and workflows that improve productivity across the organization, enabling employees to work securely and achieve more from anywhere. The available courses cover such areas as managing the frontline workforce with the configuration of first-party apps and policies, managing frontline identities and planning for a successful rollout; building Microsoft Teams integrations and workflows; managing windows and Surface services, and utilization of the latest endpoint management capabilities in support of remote, on-premises, and hybrid work; deploying Microsoft Teams Phone and Microsoft Viva employee experience platform.

The full schedule of virtual courses can be discovered here: Microsoft Virtual Training Days

While upskilling, consider also obtaining Microsoft Certification. With a Microsoft Certification, you validate your skills and ability and showcase your energy and commitment to learning new technologies.

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