Leonid Polupan is the new Country Manager of Microsoft Ukraine

Leonid Polupan is the new Country Manager of Microsoft Ukraine

Microsoft has appointed Leonid Polupan as the new Country Manager for Microsoft Ukraine. Leonid takes over the position after Jan Peter De Jong, who moved into a new role within Microsoft as a Global Account Director based in Netherlands.

In his new role, Leonid Polupan will focus on providing technology solutions for critical infrastructure, to government agencies, and other sectors in Ukraine to continue to run their digital infrastructure and serve citizens through the Microsoft Cloud.

“I am honoured to take this role. For both, Microsoft, and me personally, this is a big responsibility and opportunity to support Ukraine. In addition to enabling technology services to run in the Microsoft Cloud, we will continue to support the country with critical cybersecurity protection, support non-profits and humanitarian organizations operating in Ukraine, providing data and support to international organizations aiding Ukraine and assist employees who are contributing to non-profits engaged in humanitarian relief efforts. ‘’ said Leonid Polupan, Country Manager, Microsoft Ukraine.

Polupan was born in Hora, in Kyiv oblast. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from National University of Live and Environmental sciences of Ukraine. He started his career at Microsoft five years ago as an Enterprise Sales Manager for the Black Sea region and later for Microsoft Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) Multi-Country region covering 25 markets in Europe and Eurasia.

Ongoing support for Ukraine
Recently Microsoft announced extension of technology support free of charge for Ukraine through calendar year 2023 providing additional technology aid valued at $100 million, which brings Microsoft’s total support for Ukraine to more than $400 million since the war began in February.

Additionally, to support skilling and education, Microsoft and LinkedIn launched a program to help 10 million people to acquire digital skills, providing free access to 350 new courses and will be offering 50,000 LinkedIn Learning scholarships to help people get ahead in their skilling journey, available to Ukrainians, as well. As a part of the Global Business Coalition for Education, a $30 million partnership in devices and software donation, Microsoft will, together with HP, bring more than 74,000 laptops to internally displaced Ukrainians and Ukrainian refugees in neighbouring countries.

In partnership with organizations like the Clooney Foundation, the company has been supporting the International Criminal Court to deliver justice for war crimes in Ukraine by using Azure Cognitive Services to accelerate the analysis of digital evidence.

Microsoft will continue to dedicate its resources to support Ukraine.

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