Telekom Srbija’s TS Ventures Fund and Microsoft sign cooperation agreement

Telekom Srbija's TS Ventures Fund and Microsoft sign cooperation agreement

Microsoft and the TS Ventures fund of Telekom Srbija have signed an agreement on business and technical cooperation, which implies that startups that pass the selection process and qualify for investments by the TS Ventures fund will also receive Microsoft’s support, to apply to use their services worth up to 150,000 euros. The mentioned amount is the value of products and services that startups should use within Microsoft’s Founders Hub program – which refers to Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Enterprise, Github Enterprise, Microsoft 365, LinkedIn, and Dynamics 365, as well as partner offers such as OpenAi, Stripe, Bubble, and many other services within the associated benefits.

Director of Microsoft Serbia, Milan Gospić emphasized the importance of this support that startup founders receive at the beginning of the process of their further development.

“As a company, we are always here to support the startup community because the development of a country means direct investment in digitization, so we continue that path in the year when we celebrate two full decades of business in Serbia. “We are strategically committed to empowering innovation, and with this collaboration, we want to offer technical and advisory support, professional guidance, networking, and networking opportunities. We provide the opportunity to build or improve your business and market your solution to international markets through the Microsoft global sales network,” said Gospić.

Telekom Srbija's TS Ventures Fund and Microsoft sign cooperation agreement

“The agreement with Microsoft is an important incentive both for us as the first official VC Fund in this part of Europe and for our founder, Telekom Serbia, but also for our startups, the eco-system as a whole, and for our country in general,” said the director of the TS Ventures fund, Davor Sakač.

“One of the world’s largest companies has recognized the potential of our entrepreneurs and is ready to help them develop their businesses by using advanced tools and resources within the Microsoft global platforms, thereby bringing them even closer to the world market and making them more competitive and accessible throughout the world. As for us as a fund, we are very proud of the fact that after the first year of operation, we once again received a quality certificate for our work. I would like to point out one more important fact: that Microsoft recognized and, in a way, validated the selection and diversity of our previous investments”, Sakač pointed out.

TS Ventures Fund has so far selected nine startups, which are also entitled to support from Microsoft in their further development through this agreement.

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