Customer Quote sheet – Citi India, Patni & Kyron sign up with Microsoft Ventures’ #CoInnovate program at Think Next 2015


“At GenNext we continue to evaluate investment and partnership opportunities with global startups. With #CoInnovate, we aim to leverage Microsoft Ventures global ecosystem to identify startups that are working on disruptive technologies and help them speed up execution and scale-up quickly for a larger impact.”, said Amey Mashelkar – Program Lead, GenNext Innovation Hub.


“Kyron’s customers, most of them happen to be Fortune 500 multinationals, are seeking digital transformation and innovation in their businesses. With its strong legacy of mentoring and promoting startups and a vast array of mentors, Microsoft Ventures is uniquely positioned to help our startups get exposed to a larger market and gain expertise. With #CoInnovate, we also get access to a wider pool of innovative tech solutions from various startups. We are confident that this partnership will further strengthen our portfolio to run several accelerator programs” said Venkat Raju, Managing Partner, Kyron.

Patni Healthcare

“We as Currae understand technology and healthcare, and Microsoft understands the venture world. By coming together under #CoInnovate, we can truly find entrepreneurs who can create disruptive technologies which can change India’s healthcare ecosystem and also take these solutions globally. This partnership will also help us identify, viable and scalable startups that we can evaluate for investment and further – we can help these new businesses grow, by offering them mentorship support and corporate information that they require,” said Apoorva Patni, Director, Patni Healthcare.

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