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Whee! Check out some of our favorite Microsoft Hyperlapse videos


Using Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile, you’ve created time-lapse videos from the air to the ski slopes, and some of our favorites are shared on Conversations: The Microsoft Devices Blog. Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile helps you speed up and stabilize first-person videos shot on your Lumia. “We love your originality,” writes Nishtha Arora. … Read more »

Microsoft improves Windows Store app catalog for customers


Customers shopping in the Windows Store app catalog now have a new and improved experience, with less clutter and more helpful information. Microsoft has begun enforcing a more robust approach to its 10.1 app certification policy to help customers easily find quality, high-value apps in the Windows Store. … Read more »

Conducting with Kinect, a world premiere


The maestro raises his right arm with an abrupt, exacting motion. Then he raises it higher and higher still, slicing the air. His left hand juts out in a fist that remains clenched. With an avalanche of notes, the piano comes to life. This is what it looks like to … Read more »

Lenovo announces new business tablet, consumer laptops and search capabilities


Lenovo introduced a new tablet for professionals, laptops for consumers and search capabilities incorporating Cortana at its global Lenovo Tech World conference Wednesday. The company announced that Cortana and REACHit will be available on Lenovo devices, starting as a beta when Windows 10 launches this summer. REACHit extends Cortana’s natural-language … Read more »

New Microsoft Research technology can interpret and caption photos


Microsoft researchers are at the forefront of developing technology that can identify objects in a picture, interpret what’s going on and write an accurate caption explaining it. That ability can help advance Microsoft’s work in artificial intelligence – the development of systems that can see, hear, speak and even understand. … Read more »

Battle evil and save humanity in ‘Overkill 3,’ new for Windows


Lead the Resistance, battle evil and save humanity in “Overkill 3,” a thrilling, third-person shooter game that just launched for Windows. The cinematic game takes place in a dark future controlled by evil Faction forces, and it’s up to you to stop them with weapons including shotguns, sniper rifles and … Read more »


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