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Create your own browser in Windows 10


This app uses primarily JavaScript, HTML and CSS and was built in Visual Studio 2015. The sample app includes many UI components common in modern browsers: forward and back buttons, refresh and stop buttons, favorites and settings menus, a favicon, address bar and more. There are also supplemental features, such as … Read more »

Eavesdrop on lunchtime in the geekmobile


Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of Enterprise Client and Mobility, kicks off his “My Lunch Break” video series with Todd Bishop, editor and cofounder of Watch the two chat about the cloud, the future of tech and Brad’s turbo-charged car. … Read more »

How Power BI is making a difference for kids


In Texas, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth uses a solution built with Microsoft Azure and Power BI to track its programs. It can see how youngsters are doing in school and what programs are helping them. “Being able to analyze patterns of participation is extremely important … Read more »


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