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‘Minions’ shows how hard it is to find a good, evil boss


Since the dawn of time, Minions – who we first met in “Despicable Me” – have sought the biggest, baddest villain to serve. But with all of the villains, from T. Rex to Napoleon, something always seems to go wrong, so wrong. Follow these lovable henchmen on their quest for … Read more »

A student Imagine Cup project becomes a business


Today, the Microsoft Accessibility Blog concludes its four-part series on the whirlwind visit of the four students from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. When Team Prognosis was asked what they would change about their once-in-a-lifetime chance to work at Microsoft for the week, team member Konstantinos Mavrodis says, “We wouldn’t … Read more »

Dancers share how Skype moves them in many ways


Skype recently released a new way for people to start a group chat by sharing a unique link via email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger or Twitter, inviting people to join their conversation. In a video, three very talented dancers demonstrated how they made a Skype group video call to meet virtually … Read more »

Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine now available

This is a Windows Server 2012-based custom virtual machine image on the Azure marketplace containing several popular tools that can be used by data scientists and developers for advanced analytics. It saves developers from having to discover and install these tools individually, and hosting the data science machine on Azure … Read more »

New Microsoft Trust Center created for enterprise cloud services

A single Microsoft Trust Center, which unifies the trust centers of Microsoft’s enterprise cloud services – Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Office 365 – has been created. “Increasingly, our customers deploy multiple Microsoft cloud services, and many expressed a desire for a single point of … Read more »


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