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Celebrate the spirit of giving with Bing


Every day in December, you’ll find a new seasonal treat on the Bing homepage. Click the gift icon to turn on the holiday calendar, then come back to Bing each day to discover what daily holiday wonders await. You can customize your Bing homepage with festive decorations, share holiday images … Read more »

Microsoft researchers share predictions for 2017 and 2027


In celebration of the worldwide Computer Science Education Week, Microsoft has tapped 17 women within its global research organization for their views on what’s likely to occur in their fields in 2017. Since it’s prediction season, they’re also sharing what’s likely to be happening 10 years from now as well. … Read more »

This weekend only: Save on 2016 Game Awards nominees


The open roads of Australia are home to “Forza Horizon 3: Standard Edition” ($44.99; a 25 percent savings off the regular $59.99 price) and the wildest, most far-ranging Forza race yet, with you behind the wheel of any of 350 of the world’s greatest cars. In “Gears of War 4” … Read more »


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