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Microsoft honored for ‘moving the needle’ on disability inclusion

The U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN) has named Microsoft its 2015 Employer of the Year. The USBLN, a national nonprofit that helps businesses succeed by leveraging disability inclusion in the workplace, noted Microsoft’s exemplary policies, strategies and initiatives that have resulted in measurable results in the areas of disability inclusiveness … Read more »

5 questions to ask when choosing an IoT provider

To help you choose an IoT provider, Peter Cooper, Microsoft IoT senior product manager, has a new blog series on five questions you should ask. They range from “Does the provider have a comprehensive IoT offering?” to “Does the provider have the specific and necessary experience to deploy and scale … Read more »

New Share feature in Office 2016 makes collaboration seamless


Tired of sending documents back and forth in an effort to keep everyone up to date? Or tired of manually merging everyone’s edits into a final copy? Office 2016 makes collaboration seamless, so you don’t have to pass around different versions of your documents. The new Share feature lets you … Read more »

Transforming and empowering Latin America with technology

Nadella also chatted with young people with big ideas in Chile. He met with high school student Belén Guede, a YouthSpark Challenge for Change contest winner, whose Cultura Tech program will offer free coding and robotics training for youths. 

“Children have enormous potential and amazing creativity, yet in some places the opportunity to learn computer science is limited and often out of their reach, so it ends up not getting their attention,” said Guede, 17, who also wants to make libraries fun for kids.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella visited Latin America last week to learn and see first-hand how technology is transforming thousands of lives in the region, with new job skills, entrepreneurial opportunities, innovative services and stronger, digitally inclusive societies. … Read more »


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