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How Azure is earning the trust of more enterprises


Enterprises are increasingly entrusting their apps and data with Azure, whose security, privacy and compliance technologies are core to Microsoft’s culture. “For Microsoft, earning your trust has been a multi-decade investment, not something we started after we got into the cloud business,” writes James Staten, chief strategist of Cloud + … Read more »

JSON support now generally available in Azure SQL Database


You can now query and store both relational and textual data formatted in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) using Azure SQL Database, making it easy to integrate your Azure SQL Database with any service that uses JSON. JSON in Azure SQL Database enables you to build and exchange data with modern … Read more »

Error detection gets a boost with Azure Notification Hubs retrieval

In response to customer feedback, you can now retrieve Platform Notification System error details using Azure Notification Hubs. Platform Notification System feedback improves monitoring and debugging. Now, as part of Per Message Telemetry, “We process per message feedback from Platform Notification Systems as we push notifications out, extract the errors, … Read more »


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