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Finding the right IoT solution: Can it scale?

“A scalable solution should be able to work with any number of things and data streams,” writes Peter Cooper, senior product manager for Microsoft IoT. “You may have 100 vehicles in your fleet today to connect and monitor – but can your vendor support 1,000? What about when the data … Read more »

Microsoft Bingo for Windows 10 is now available


From Brazil to Thailand, from Parisian cafés to the Great Barrier Reef, “Microsoft Bingo” takes you around the globe so you can enjoy this classic game in a travel-themed new way. Earn flight points as your scorecard fills up, unlocking exotic locations worldwide to visit as you play. … Read more »

Microsoft honored for ‘moving the needle’ on disability inclusion

The U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN) has named Microsoft its 2015 Employer of the Year. The USBLN, a national nonprofit that helps businesses succeed by leveraging disability inclusion in the workplace, noted Microsoft’s exemplary policies, strategies and initiatives that have resulted in measurable results in the areas of disability inclusiveness … Read more »


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