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A dAI in the life: Simple AI tricks for getting more out of each day

AI is probably already a part of your day, helping navigate your trip to work, recommending movies you’ll like or predicting words when you’re texting friends.

But some of the latest tools can help you do even more. You can use AI to get dinner recipes for what’s in your fridge, advice on how to train your puppy, or a summary of an important meeting so you can focus on your coworkers instead of taking notes. 

Welcome to Microsoft’s “A dAI in the life,” where people are sharing stories of how they’re using AI in their personal and professional lives. Take a peek through their daily diaries for tips and tricks that might be helpful, productive and fun.  


Miri Rodriguez

Using AI tools help see other viewpoints and connect with teenage sons.

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Liam Flowers

Turning to AI to come up with new art concepts and help focus thoughts.

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Janet Kim

Finding new ways to be more present in meetings and planning fun trips.

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Omar Smith

Dialing in on workouts, puppy-training tips and available scholarships.

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