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Microsoft’s new ultra-light Surface Pro is more powerful than ever

Microsoft’s newly unveiled Surface Pro is not only packing some serious power, but it’s also lighter than the bag you’ll carry it in. Unveiled in Shanghai, the latest addition to the Surface family pushes design, engineering and performance to the limit, with a whole host of improvements and upgrades that’ll … Read more »

Maersk embraces digital transformation with Microsoft

Global transport and logistics powerhouse Maersk has joined forces with Microsoft in a strategic move to revolutionise its supply-chain management and global trade. From its connected vessels to its transportation economics, the company is betting on Microsoft to fuel growth and power logistics globally. This agreement means that Microsoft has been … Read more »

UBS uses the Microsoft Cloud to save costs and improve its services

UBS, the world’s largest wealth manager, is turning to Microsoft Azure cloud technology to reduce its dependency on legacy technology, while finding new ways to leverage digital channels, and rethink how its businesses and people work. “Tremendous transformation is taking place in the financial services industry, and technology is increasingly … Read more »

Italy will win the Eurovision Song Contest, Bing predicts


A total of 42 artists across Europe (and Australia) are gathered in Kiev, Ukraine, and they’re all ready to battle it out at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. If you’re not one for shocks and surprises, then fear not, for Microsoft has unveiled Bing’s predictions for this year’s competition, slating … Read more »

Microsoft Finland launches Turbopump program to accelerate growth and expansion of Finnish startups

Microsoft Finland has launched a new accelerator program called Turbopump, leveraging Microsoft’s experience and resources to help promising Finnish startup companies in growth and international expansion through Microsoft’s customer, partner network, and talent acquisition. Microsoft’s main partners in the Turbopump program are venture vapital investors and startup centers, as well … Read more »

Refining oil, in the cloud

From robots to cobots, Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Reality, analytics to machine learning – the fourth industrial revolution is upon us. Industry 4.0 is already creating incredible opportunities for manufacturers, employees and their customers. New technologies are enabling industry leaders to maximise resources, empower employees and even predict breakdowns before … Read more »


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