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IISc Bangalore researchers use IoT with cloud-based analytics to tackle water scarcity in cities

Water scarcity has always been a grave problem in India, but for Bangalore, the issue is even more critical as it threatens its future. The primary source of water for India’s Silicon Valley comes from the Cauvery river and water needs to be transported for around 100 kilometers. Another major challenge faced by Bangalore’s water management department is tracking the water consumption – no one knows where 33 percent of the water goes.

A team of scientists at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) aims to solve this problem through a network of IoT sensors and cloud computing to monitor the flow of water from source to consumption.

Professor Yogesh Simmhan and his fellow researchers are leveraging Microsoft Azure, which can collect data from the network of Internet of Things (IoT)-based sensors deployed on the IISc Bangalore campus. Using Microsoft Azure Cloud analytics further helps the researchers monitor each node, receive insights from the data collected, and get alerts from a specific location through a smartphone app.

This water management project by the researchers at IISc campus can help conserve water resources in India and improve the lives of citizens as well.

You can read more about the project here.