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Intelligent Edge explained in under 4 minutes

Increasingly, our physical and virtual worlds are interwoven. Everything around us is getting smart–be it speakers, lights, cameras, drones, appliances, and even machines on the factory floor. As AI experiences become more ubiquitous, the Intelligent Edge enables a seamless experience across devices whether they are connected to the cloud or not.

Take for example, the 3Nethra retinal imaging device with Intelligent Edge from Forus Health, which not only helps technicians scan the perfect image of the eye fundus but also detects diseases like diabetic retinopathy with the help of AI.

Forus Health is able to truly democratize eye care thanks to Intelligent Edge–the machines can be deployed even in remote areas that might not have internet connectivity and offer the same AI-powered experiences. This ensures that lack of skilled technicians or paucity of ophthalmologists in remote communities are no longer reasons for not being able to detect, predict. and avoid preventable blindness.

To learn more about Intelligent Edge, check out the latest animated video from our Explanimators series.