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Skype Lite helps you stay on top of your text messages with SMS Insights

Earlier this year we announced Skype Lite, our fastest and smallest app to date, designed for Android users in India. Aadhar integration with Skype Lite was then added later in the year, allowing users in India to communicate with a higher level of trust and lower potential for fraud. Now, we’re excited to announce yet another great Skype Lite feature to help you be more productive: SMS Insights.

We listened to user feedback and we know that you receive a vast quantity of information via SMS, and that keeping up with it can be overwhelming, if not downright impossible. With so many text messages requiring your attention – from bills to travel confirmations to appointments – it is very easy to miss important information, and can often feel like a full-time job just to keep organized.

The new SMS Insights feature on Skype Lite is built to help. SMS Insights goes far beyond simply organizing your messages: it aggregates the information you need and presents it at a glance, sorting it into categories like Finance, Shopping, Travel, Reminders, and Promotions. It empowers you to easily interact the messages you want, while offering relevant action links that allow you to pay bills, check-in to flights, and even call customer support numbers.

Let’s look at the Finance category as an example. Instead of having to sort through all your texts and find those from financial institutions, and determine the balances of your bank accounts, credit cards, and wallets individually, with Skype Lite all you have to do is look at SMS Insights. The Finance section shows your current balances across your accounts and wallets, on one screen, based on your most recent SMS messages.

All categories have smart functions, not just Finance; the Shopping category shows you the date and status of your orders, and lets you track packages with just one touch; the Promotions category pulls out the biggest discounts to present you with the best deals.

By collating all this information in one place and offering you these smart functions, Skype Lite wants to make your SMS experience productive and interactive. To serve as your one-stop-shop for all of your communication needs, big or small.

SMS Insights are enabled for Skype Lite users only after they provide SMS permission to the Skype Lite app. All the SMS classification and categorization happens locally on your phone. Microsoft doesn’t read or store your SMS information.

To start using SMS Insights, download Skype Lite here. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts. To share your feedback and get the latest news and tips, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and join us in the Skype Community.